"Stasis" - 4' x 5' acrylic & pastel - from the series "Journey Into Intimacy" 

Heart pounding, I calm my breathing so that I can begin. I also start to plan the following day's work by preparing large watercolor sheets with gesso so they're ready to go first thing.

I sit a moment gathering strength for the work to be done - all encompassing, all consuming. "I wanna feel good, soul sister." (lyrics from "Street Faerie")

What does love feel like? Floating, diving, still, fast, slow, penetrating, dreaming, hard, soft, and then stasis.

How to enter the water? Be the water.

Musical Inspiration: Massive Attack - "Protection", Sinead Lohan - "No Mermaid", Cree Summer - "Street Faerie", The Primitives - "Pure".