Claudine loves the Leftys: Ms. Kitten in particular!

Ms Kitten by Kathy Crabbe

Ms Kitten by Kathy Crabbe

Claudine was the recent winner of my Museletter Raffle for a Lefty Print and she chose Ms. Kitten is stylishly smitten

I love it! It reminds me that life is not a dress rehearsal. It also reminds me of things my extremely supportive mother has said to me all of my life: "dress to impress and charm them to no end!...they will be smitten with you kitten!", and just as my mother is always, always, always stylish in her silk scarves and beautiful dresses everyday, this is the perfect art piece for me! Looking forward to receiving it. ~ Claudine Song, Scottsdale, Arizona


Kathy Crabbe is an artist and soul reader who explores universal and timeless themes such as spirituality, healing, humor and love through her work.

Kathy's art and guidance radiates healing energy that connects us with our soul’s essence and guides us toward the infinite source of love and wisdom that we each hold within.

“By sharing my art and my creative life in as many ways as possible I hope to inspire and offer resources to others who seek to awaken, connect and heal their own creative soul.”

Is Turtle Your Spirit Animal?

Blue Safety: At first she felt weird, but then the water calmed her, soothed her, charmed her and her Spirit Animal swam towards her. As she rested in the blue safety of the moment she knew love and she laughed inside spouting red-hot swirls all around her.

365 Days of Paint + Story

On Nov. 1, 2016 I began a project to make and share a painting and a story for 365 days WOW! This painting is no. 18 from that project.

A Heart Healing For Creatures of the North

The Call of the Snow Goose: Snow Goose calls her from afar. She is here with her star. Pink, rosy cheeked memories of toques and tongues keep her warm. She is far from home. Her sustenance, the pines whisper reminders, "pssst you are a Northern creature." Nothing can stop her from feeling this in her bones.

365 Days of Paint + Storytelling

This is year 2 of daily art-making. This year I'm adding a story to the mixI This painting is no. 14 from that project.