Trust: Scorpio Moon Dec. 30-Jan. 2

Mama Moon enters the Fixed, Water sign of Scorpio on Dec. 30 at 5:23 pm pacific time until Jan. 2, 2019.

Organization is emphasized during this Moon-Time and with Jan. 1 looming large, why not?!

Outwardly you may find yourself fighting to trust others, but inwardly you seek ANOTHER WAY of doing things. How we long for PEACE (and quiet). Rest assured dear soul, that the garden you are tending so carefully will grow in time. Trust.

Daddy Long Legs
You have it all figured out, but just don’t know it yet.

From the Elfin Ally Oracle Deck
by Kathy Crabbe
Available here in Spring 2019!

”Daddy Long Legs” original painting
Available here.

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Kathy Crabbe at Santa Rosa Plateau, California

About Kathy Crabbe & Daily Moon Vibes

I believe in dreams, creativity AND inspiring my peeps to awaken intuition and joy, no matter what. As a practicing astrologer + artist for the past 26 years I’ve learned a thing or two and I’d love to share it with you!

Creative tools such as my Daily Moon Vibes, Oracle Decks and Astrology Reports will help to awaken your intuition, which is essential for navigating these often crazy times.

About Daily Moon Vibes: Flow in tune with Mama Moon! Every 2-3 days Mama Moon cycles through all 12 signs of the zodiac so I tune in and share these insights and transits with you to help awaken and strengthen your intuition. I include affirmations and spirit animal medicine from my Elfin Ally Oracle Deck and Lefty Oracle Deck.

With Luv and Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, (Dec. 30 2018)
Photo Credit: Chad Woodward

How to Find Your Magick With the Help of Crow Spirit

Your Purple-Ness, my totem animal, Crow Spirit calls to me, awakens me, magicks me ALIVE. I am alive and I am glorious! Thank you Spirit Bird for finding me and showing me the way for naught else matters now but your cry...and as you beckon, I too shall fight for survival, for my rights, and for the rights of all.

365 Days of Paint + Story: This is year 2 of daily art-making. This year I'm adding a story to the mix. This painting is no. 25 from that project.

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How to Tell If Owl Is Your Spirit Guide

Silent as the night, as her owl totem, as the moon, she worshipped from afar. Never too close, she gave them all space, so that when they called to her, she could fly, not on wings, but on fancy to a distant realm where dreams slept, awaiting her. So she waited, and she listened, quiet as the night, quiet as the moon, quiet as the owl calling her name.

365 Days of Paint + Story

This is year 2 of daily art-making. This year I'm adding a story to the mix. This painting is no. 24 from that project.

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How to Find Joy As Told by a Squirrel

She didn't realize it was missing until Squirrel, her Spirit Animal reminded her...JOY. Her sadness over the state of the world overwhelmed her, but Squirrel said: "No, you must find a way, for without your efforts the stars might not shine." So she prayed and she wished upon her star for a better world, a world where she Could make a difference, for she must, she had no choice.

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365 Days of Paint + Story

This is year 2 of daily art-making. This year I'm adding a story to the mix. This painting is no. 14 from that project.