Raven Oracle: Guided By Magick (Capricorn Moon)

Here on the blog, I’ll be sharing a spirit animal painting and message from my Elfin Ally Oracle Deck picked especially for the zodiac sign that Mama Moon is currently transiting. Enjoy!

Keyword: Wise
Meaning: Although saddened by the times your will is true and guided by magick.
Reversed: A dark omen portends gloom, so stay inside.

From the Elfin Ally Oracle Deck
by Kathy Crabbe
Available in Spring 2019

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Kathy Crabbe and the Lefty Oracle Deck

About Kathy Crabbe

I believe in dreams, creativity AND inspiring my peeps to awaken intuition, creativity and joy no matter what. As a practicing astrologer + artist for the past 26 years I’m here to share that magick with you.

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With Luv and Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, (Feb. 28, 2019)

How to Find Your Magick With the Help of Crow Spirit

Your Purple-Ness, my totem animal, Crow Spirit calls to me, awakens me, magicks me ALIVE. I am alive and I am glorious! Thank you Spirit Bird for finding me and showing me the way for naught else matters now but your cry...and as you beckon, I too shall fight for survival, for my rights, and for the rights of all.

365 Days of Paint + Story: This is year 2 of daily art-making. This year I'm adding a story to the mix. This painting is no. 25 from that project.

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