How to Find Sacred Silence in These Noisy Times (New Moon in Libra)

Yes, I’m still here folks even though I mentioned closing down this blog, but couldn’t resist sharing a magical story to go with the artwork from my newest oracle card deck. (Name reveal coming soon, at the New Moon in Libra on October 8.)

Barn Owl Magick

As Elfin High Priestess she needed a break now and then so she called upon Barn Owl, her ally. With his help she was able to recharge her spiritual batteries, rest her head, and imagine purple, always purple. Purple fantasies lit by starlight and moonlight and all things sparkly. She could be perfectly quiet here trusting that Owl would warn her if necessary. For it was only within this deep, dark  sanctuary of peace and quiet and silence that she could see and hear the visions that guided her deep into the night; shining, magickal, awake yet dreaming.

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A Spirit Guide Reading for Holli

About Spirit Guide Readings:

Spirit Guides are wise teachers and guardians from another dimension that advise and protect us. They are dis-incarnate spirits (ie. animal totems, angels, nature spirits) that can act as spiritual counselors or protectors for us, during our time of need. I will also provide you with suggestions and techniques for connecting to your guides on your own. You can order a spirit guide reading here on my website.

A Spirit Guide Reading for Holli

*This reading is being shared with client permission.

This reading is in response to your wish for a connection with your spirit guides.

The first image I receive is of tigers!

The Tiger as your personal totem has this meaning: Tigers are considered to represent yang energy, and are also a solar animal which associates them with the sun, summer and fire symbolism.

Asian lore considers the tiger to be the protector of the dead, and tigers will often be seen in graves as a mark of protection, assuring peace for those who have passed.

I am also drawn towards working with banded gemstones for your reading such as Tiger’s Eye and Petrified Wood.

Petrified Wood allows us to access our roots or beginnings, which are stored on a cellular level, drawing strength and knowledge from our ancestors and our lineage. This allows us to “speak” to those who went before and gain wisdom from them. Honour where you have been, release the old, and allow yourself to move forward in a new direction.

At first your guides are very suspicious and protective of you – they want to make sure that my intentions are pure and honourable before I am able to connect with them!

An Exercise to Help You Connect with Your Guides

Next, they suggest an exercise that will help you to connect with them more easily. They suggest creating a circle of stones by surrounding yourself with yellow gemstones such as Calcite. This can be done literally or through visualization. To begin you are to get comfortable within this circle and to remain calm and centered.

Yellow Calcite promotes heightened awareness and truth. It encourages certainty and sureness, memory enhancement and quick thinking.

You are to realize that you are indeed protected here. You can also say some prayers as well as acknowledging the elements, earth, air, fire, water, your ancestors and The Great Spirit along with Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky. Nothing can harm you within this circle – you are safe.

Next, you are to ask to connect with your guides and to say: “Show yourself, send me a sign.” I am now seeing a long line of guides waiting to see you!

First I see a mother holding her baby. She is very warm, loving and nurturing. She is there for you – you are always a part of her and you like to watch her caring for her little one.

Next I see a Native American dancer wearing a wolf head (or it could be a coyote head). I also hear the name “Raymond”. He offers you protection as well.

The Wolf as Totem has this particular meaning: Deeply emotional, and wholly passionate, the Wolf is the lover of the zodiac in both the physical and philosophical sense of the word. The Wolf understands that all we need is love, and is fully capable of providing it. Juxtaposed with his/her fierce independence – this Native American animal symbol is a bit of a contradiction in terms. Needing his/her freedom, yet still being quite gentle and compassionate – we get the picture of the "lone wolf" with this sign. In a nurturing environment the Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, deeply affectionate, and gentle. Left to his/her own devices the Wolf can become impractical, recalcitrant, obsessive, and vindictive.

I also see someone in a cloud. I believe it’s an Angel – she is so glorious! I can only feel her energy (not really see her) and she is so bright (I catch glimpses of yellow) that it brings tears of joy to my eyes. She shines Grace upon you. And she says to you, “Listen to your heart (of course) and your guides. Then lie down beneath a blanket of stars and let the stars infiltrate your being so that you are one with them. Then you will fly and be free. There is much good for you to do in this world and although you may feel unsupported, we are here.”

I’m also given an image of a red hand-knit sweater that is quite small, as if it was meant for a child. This sweater is some sort of talisman for you. You are also a fierce protector yourself.

Next I pull a card for you from my Lefty Oracle Deck and it is called “Crazee Janice dancing as fast as she can”.

Because the Lefty cards were all drawn with my non-dominant left hand, the ‘intuitive’ hand (controlled by the right brain) they do not come with any kind of written interpretation. That part is up to you, so go with your intuition and trust whatever images, thoughts or feeling come up. It’s time to trust yourself and put your intuition to work – go!

I do believe that this card is indicating that you are in the middle of a whirlwind of events right now and you’re just doing your best to stay sane and catch up, but to know that this too will pass, so stay the course - ’steady as she goes’!

You will grow into your role and your uncertainty will turn to grace and strength and grounded-ness for you have touched the Divine and you know your place here on Earth - thus you are free.

I’m ending your reading by sending you a blessing and a prayer and surrounding you with light, love and quiet, fierce knowing.

Holli's Response: Yes I received the reading. Thank you :) It resonated with me strongly. My mother died when I was four so the first person coming through being a mother wasn't too much of a surprise. My name is actually Scottish not Indian, but I have begun to have more of a focus o nature/pagan spirituality so it was nice to see an Indian. I have also been focusing lately on how to communicate better with them. It seems that I have been asking for a sign, and just not getting it, so the message of how to communicate with them certainly was an answer to that question. I still am not seeing the signs from them, but I am going to keep trying :)

I just found it fascinating that you had an interest in the images as tarot-type cards - that thought had not even crossed my mind - so thanks for thinking of it!

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