How to Find Sacred Silence in These Noisy Times (New Moon in Libra)

Yes, I’m still here folks even though I mentioned closing down this blog, but couldn’t resist sharing a magical story to go with the artwork from my newest oracle card deck. (Name reveal coming soon, at the New Moon in Libra on October 8.)

Barn Owl Magick

As Elfin High Priestess she needed a break now and then so she called upon Barn Owl, her ally. With his help she was able to recharge her spiritual batteries, rest her head, and imagine purple, always purple. Purple fantasies lit by starlight and moonlight and all things sparkly. She could be perfectly quiet here trusting that Owl would warn her if necessary. For it was only within this deep, dark  sanctuary of peace and quiet and silence that she could see and hear the visions that guided her deep into the night; shining, magickal, awake yet dreaming.

The Barn Owl Luv print is available here.
Barn Owl Luv is part of my newest oracle card deck. Pre-orders will be available soon
here. (Name reveal coming soon!)