Libra New Moon Artists

New Moon in Libra
October 17, 2009
10:33 pm PDT

Venus-ruled, airy Libra is a mentor of the arts. Beauty, harmony, cooperation, and poetic flow are her gifts. It's a good social-gathering time when the moon entertains Libra. Both friendly attractions and love connections can be delightful. Balance bonds within yourself and significant others in your life. (Excerpted from the We'Moon Datebook 1998)

A Libran New Moon Challenge Just For You!

Libra teaches us how to bring beauty into the world as we seek common ground for accessing lofty, refined, and aesthetic experiences. My New Moon Challenge for you is to create something, anything that radiates pure beauty and then to share it with others, including me - by emailing me with your creation so that everyone can see it here on my blog on the next New Moon in Scorpio - November 16th.

This month's featured artists both work with fabrics: Rhena hails from Minneapolis and Ning from Las Vegas. I hope you enjoy their gorgeous creations and are inspired by their words as well - Librans worship beauty, serenity and peace.

Being a Libra definitely influences my work. Indecisive, well..not sure if I want to call it indecisive. It's not that I can't decide, it's just that it always takes me quite a while to make a decision. I have to really think it through and make sure I will not regret anything afterward. So when I make my garments, I usually take hours and hours just brainstorming about what the design is going to be. Sometimes it takes days (and tons of sketches).

I'm not sure if nit picky is part of Libra's characteristics or not, but I certainly am. When I see a crooked seam or sloppy sewing I always cringe. I have to change and correct it even if I have to start all over again. I've tried so many times to not think about making imperfections in my sewing, but it just results in me thinking about those imperfections day and night.

Impatient, yes, that's me too. When I want something, usually I want it right here and right now. After I decide which design to make, a lot of times I will go straight to my cute little sewing room, and start making patterns, cutting fabrics, and sewing them. A lot of times I want to do it all in one night (it's usually when I work the best) which is of course impossible to do. I always try to remind myself that high quality work can't be achieved if I work in a rush. So with that in mind, I'm able to overcome the impatient side of myself. Reading Dalai Lama books usually helps too, he has a very calm and soothing way about him.

Another side of me, not related to my work, is that I consider myself a sensitive. I can talk to my deceased friends and families and sometimes get premonitions through my dreams. Sometimes I can connect with them if I meditate hard enough, but I hardly have time for that nowadays.

I've seen things that are literally "out of this world". I've seen people cross over and I've seen the dream realm (the realm when spirits enter our dreams). I rarely share these stories with anyone because it would probably sound too surreal and they might think that I'm bananas, lol. Maybe I should just start putting them in paintings!

Librans love to surround themselves with beautiful things and harmony. A lot of my work includes items for the home that work harmoniously within each piece. There's nothing more satisfying than receiving feedback about how the colors and patterns work perfectly in the space they were intended for!

As a Libra, I'm also very practical. As it says in my shop announcement, I like to balance form and function within my items. That's why I'm drawn to making bags, bowls, and scarves that are beautiful but also useful.

My Libran obsession with communication and fairness carries through in both my business dealings and my custom orders. I never begin work on a custom item until I'm sure all the needs of the buyer are being met!

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