Creativity - The Joy Diet!

Welcome to Week 4 of The Joy Diet!

This week our creative blogger's book club is exploring Menu Item #4 - Creativity - yehh!

Suffice to say that this chapter got my creative juices flowing BIG TIME!

My favorite parts:

"To increase the range of your creativity, try the following "mind-Yoga" techniques.

1. Force innovation. Think of 10 ways to solve the problem you're facing. These solutions don't have to be sensible, ethical, or even legal. The only thing they must be is different from each other. Got that? Good. Now think of 10 more.

2. Perseverate on your enemies. Target an individual or group you hate. Say what you hate most about them. See if a reframed version of this quality might be something you either need, or already have. Let yourself act as your enemy acts, within your moral boundaries.

3. Unify false dichotomies. Make a list of things that cannot coexist in your behaviour, your environment, or your life. Commit to being, doing, or having both of them. See if a solution arises."

My journey through creativity is highly personal and private so I cannot share the details with you, dear readers, but I will say that this book has forced me to re-think and re-imagine myself daring to live the life of my dreams. It feels like going out on a metaphorical limb or jumping off a cliff. It's exciting and very scary, but so is life and the challenge of living it fully.

So here I go...dear Goddess grant me wings!

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