Welcome to Week 2 of The Joy Diet blogger's book club. This week our group tackled Menu Item 2 - "Truth". I've been gone for the past week on vacation so I missed out on "Nothing" (Menu Item 1.)

"Doing Nothing" for 15 minutes should have been easier than it was considering what I do for a living, but connecting with stillness just for it's own sake is not usually how I meditate! My own form of meditation involves grounding myself in Mother Earth, then working my way through the rainbow colours of the chakras starting with the base chakra upwards towards the Divine (white light) and then circling back to earth and going through it again and again. The "Doing Nothing" exercise seemed to be lacking and I felt distracted.

Item 2 was "Truth" and the first day I really got into the question, "What hurts?" and "What is the painful story I'm telling" etc. but by day 2 it just felt like I'd already spent enough time delving into the pain so now what?! The whole thing just started to feel too self-indulgent and I had a lot to do that day!

What I'm really interested in hearing about is how other folks handled "The Truth". So far it's been an interesting experiment and I can feel myself opening up to new insights and challenges that I want to explore. Interestingly enough, I tapped into Menu Item 3 - "Desire" in my last post - "Returning Home" and I'm looking forward to amping things up even more in the coming week.

It's never too late to join in the fun - you can sign up and read all the other entries at Toronto Coach, Jamie Ridler's site -

The illustration featured above is from my Lefties Series drawn entirely with my non dominant left hand.