Scent Awareness & Using Your Search Engines by Guest Writer Cindy S.

You don't need me to tell you about aromatherapy. Type it into your search engine and you'll get something like 189,000,000 hits telling you all about it. I'm no scent expert, but I am always astonished at people who can identify top, middle and dry down notes.

What I am is a scent addict. I'm also betting that you have some strong, personal opinions about the smells with which you surround yourself. Quick, look at the time, give yourself a minute and think of your top five favorite smells.Go ahead. Write them down or hit reply and type them in. I'll wait - sings badly, Tori Amos's - 'Sweet The Sting'.

Did you choose a floral scent? Outdoor smells? Food smells? Sweet? Sharp? Musty? An idiosyncratic scent - something that is meaningful to you, but not 'mainstream'? Did you choose a variety of scents? (You can also find out what kind of scent personality you are online - there really is a quiz for everything online!) My favorite smells are, in no particular order: the smell of my childrens heads when they were babies, good cooking smells, how it smells outside after a rain or snow storm (oh yeah, snow does have a scent), lilies, and lemon.

One of the best surprises for me this year was discovering I love scented oils that smell heavily like cookies or candy. For years, I had been associating those smells with some dolls my daughter had: cloying, overly-fruity, overly-bakery. Those smells have grown up now.
There are perfumiers performing all sorts of alchemy with what appears to be unlikely pleasant scents: smoke, pepper, dirt, and ozone and they are coming up with some rather magical combinations (Like how it smells outside after a rain or snow storm). Type in the 'scent of ___________ (whatever you want)' above and chances are someone has it in oil form or mixed with something else. And a lot of places offer reasonably priced samples.

Now here are some aromatherapy hints I can't resist passing along!

1. Can't get your kid to do homework? Try giving them peppermint candy or gum. Or you could dribble lemon oil or spray a lemony perfume about. Both of these scents are wake up and work scents.
2. Can't get your kid to calm down? Try a vanilla candy or putting a vanilla scented something near them. Lavender is calming too, but some kids are really put off by the smell. Vanilla is more fun anyway. (You can buy pencils with these scents too. Type it into your search engine above!)
3. We might appear younger when wearing a pink grapefruit, vanilla or baby powder scent.
4. We might be perceived as thinner by wearing a zingy floral scent or something like a mens aftershave! I can partially attest to this. I once accidentally bought the mens version of a very popular perfume. I have never received so many compliments on a scent, turns out it had tobacco in it!
5. If you test a perfume and the first thing you smell is alcohol, pass on it. There's very little actual scent in there and what is there will disappear quickly.
6. And if you can't sleep, dab a dot of your favorite scent or perfume on each wrist. Just a dot will relax you. Are you looking up at the long, blank space above and thinking, "Hmmmmm, I wonder if there's something that smells like...." This is all for fun. Go for it.

Write me here with all YOUR favorite scents, please! One of my favorite online places for scents is

About Cindy S.

I am a Pisces (engaged to a Scorpio), live in a Chicago suburb, have 2 grown children (son aged 26, Aquarius and daughter aged 23, Pisces). I have been a Special Ed teacher for a very long time. I am interested in astrology, familiars and aromatherapy. I have also been collecting 'rocks', gemstones, charms and crystals since I was a child. I am not an expert on any of these topics, but a very willing student. I also write and love to read. I believe we are sent here on earth to help each other---things you do come back to you---even in seemingly the smallest ways.

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