This is Week 3 of Jamie Ridler's Joy Diet Blogger's Book Club and the featured Menu Item this week is DESIRE.

This week we combined Doing Nothing for 15 minutes (Menu Item #1) along with Truth (Menu Item #2) and now Desire - identifying, articulating and exploring at least one of our heart's desires.

It has been a week of exploration - of ups and downs while tuning into true desire - not the shallow, effervescent, cotton-candy-coated kind, but the deep-seated, sink-your-teeth into, everlasting kind.

It hasn't been an easy week although you might think that uncovering one's true desires pebble-by-pebble would be a thrill a minute.

Distinguishing secondary desires was first but getting to the core desire was the real challenge this week. And no, I'm not going to reveal what that was (I can hear your ears getting bigger) but hint, hint, in the process I did discover an excellent metal band called Master Splinter and the Shredders performing live and trust me, I was rocking out all week long!

Desire can be tricky - it can take you in many directions - all leading to the same place, I do believe.

Well I'm up for the ride, no matter what and I'm also really excited about next week's Menu Item - Creativity.

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The artwork above is from my Lefty Series drawn entirely with my non dominant left hand.