I stretched out silk today and covered it with gesso - a first for me! The gesso-covered silk is ripply and parchment-ey. It's surface feels hardened and crackly, like leathery skin, but very white. I've never painted on a surface like this before, it's like entering unknown territory.

I also don't what I'm feeling anymore, so I paint an egg shape then I sit waiting, breathing, being.

But love, love calls (and sorrow) and all is as it should be.

"Everybody has come home...Our lives don't end" - lyrics from "Goin' Out" by Sarah Harmer.

Slowly, picking away at love...until nothing's left.

"Being" - acrylic and pastel on silk - 4' x 5' 

Musical Inspiration: Friends of mine: Liquoricegirl (Diane Barbarash) - "I Found You Under the Dogwood Tree", Kara Louisa - "I Wish", and Ontario girl Sarah Harmer - "You Were Here" and "I'm a Mountain".