Power Potion & Meditation to Cure Addiction & Let You Shine!

How to stop addiction? This is a question that many of us are asking ourselves. How do we stop doing what we know is harmful to our very being? It may be something that provides us with both intense pleasure and pain and I do believe that we are quite the masochistic society. So, how do we stop? I meditated upon this today with my many crystals in tow acting as chakra balancers and guides, allowing me to access the All, the Divine wisdom that is available to each one of us when we open our hearts, minds and souls and truly listen.

I was guided towards my Lefty Oracle cards and pulled a card called "Intrepid Dalmia ~ fern-dancer". Dalmia expresses how the passionate, sensual side of us can find release through dance, sacred play and pleasure and through expressing ourselves in an enchanted, physical way.

I also worked with a stone called "Bloodstone".

Bloodstone (green and red) helps force one's focus onto the physical level and the earth plane, promoting courage and achievement and preventing distractions in living and moving forward on one's life path. Placed under your pillow at night, it may help you have visionary dreams of the future. Bloodstone is said to bring wisdom, and in the past was polished and used as a mirror to watch solar eclipses.

A Bloodstone Meditation:

I am a dreamer. My dreams will guide us all. Dreams of blood, hate, sorrow, madness, joy. Dreams foretelling the future, reliving the past. I am the wise woman who knows nothing. My life, my words, my art - together as one - prophesizing freedom from bondage - guided, blessed, beloved.

We heal ourselves time and time again until time no longer is, and we are ONE, at peace with the ALL.

Power Potion:

Plant the Bloodstone deep within your core and let it re-formulate your being, your blood, your cells.

Wear white pearls as you envision pearly-white wings surrounding you, offering you protection.

Pray constantly - in gratitude and to be of service, with integrity and honour shining forth, knowing that you are indeed blessed.

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