Quad Gallery Opening

Last night I was invited by my buddy Leslie Brown, artist and Director of the Riverside City College Quad Gallery to an opening reception for artists Pamela Mower-Conner and Richard White.

Leslie & Me

I talked with guest artist, Pamela Mower-Conner for a while and found out that she is also an acupuncturist. She combines real precision and science in both her art and her healing work and she explained to me that her love of nature is reflected in both fields through her work with the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and metal.

I also met Cecile Miranda, a Clairvoyant and friend of Pamela's who lives in Mount Washington, Los Angeles and found out that at the top of the mountain is an ashram built by Yogananda - must find out more and go visit!

I spoke briefly with guest artist Richard White who told me that he prefers to sculpt women clothed and that he is a feminist. He asked a young RCC student if they found his large 600 pound female sculptures 'feminine' and I just had to interject and say 'no...where is her head?'. He prefers not to draw from the nude so as not to objectify women from a male point of view, but I prefer drawing the female form nude for beauty's sake. We didn't speak much after that.

Leslie at the after-party - Mario's Restaurant - Riverside, CA.