The Yin Yang of Relationships by Guest Writer, Cindy S.

Have you ever been a selfish demanding lover, friend, parent, child, partner? Have you ever been the doormat, the one too eager to please? Of course you have! Well, knock it off.

The first poem came about because I wanted something from someone; a love letter, that's all. This person has been loving in every possible way but I wanted more.

The second poem came about because I wanted to present a fair and balanced view of relationships: Selfish versus also selfish. And somewhere in the middle is the calm, mature, devoted and steadfast relationship we all want. I don't have a poem for that yet.

Demands from a Selfish Lover
(originally published online in Poetry Victims)

write a love letter
on birch bark
with a hawk's flight feather quill
and corn poppy ink

find an ancient alchemy book
collect the morning dew
turn it into aquamarines, emeralds
garnets, sapphires
leave it on my doorstep,
wrapped in silk
you have spun yourself

gather robins and doves
to serenade me as i fall asleep
then perform an aubade when i wake

and when i wake,
on a day when the sky is bluest blue
arrange the clouds
to spell out our names

do something about that time-space continuum thing
turn back time
then fast foreword
then return to now
like a ride, you see?
just for us
from you, to me


Reply from The Perfect Lover

I love you so much that

if there's a storm
I will cover your ears so you don't hear thunder
Cover your eyes so you aren't blinded by lightening
I love you so much
that if it rains
I will be your umbrella
I love you so much that
after the storm
I will fling myself down into the mud
like a cape, to protect you from
Tell me
What else do want?
What else do you need?
No don't tell me
I can anticipate what you need or want
before you know you need or want it.
And I will be here for you always
you will never feel lonely
because you'll never be alone
even if there isn't a storm.

About Cindy S.

I am a Pisces (engaged to a Scorpio), live in a Chicago suburb, have 2 grown children (son aged 26, Aquarius and daughter aged 23, Pisces). I have been a Special Ed teacher for a very long time. I am interested in astrology, familiars and aromatherapy. I have also been collecting 'rocks', gemstones, charms and crystals since I was a child. I am not an expert on any of these topics, but a very willing student. I also write and love to read. I believe we are sent here on earth to help each other---things you do come back to you---even in seemingly the smallest ways.

The heart collage above was created by Art Angel
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