Moon Talon

When painting to music every song is like entering a different world. When creating from pain - paint is the antidote.

Paintings to capture what was...paintings to remember you...paintings to forget the past.

But what about the future? That, I can't imagine. What I can do is capture you on canvas...forever.

That imperfect moment made creation. Making order out of chaos. The abstract and analytical mind can rest here, in being-ness.

Question: Without the pain can I paint? Painting relieves the pain, but with no dark emotion that needs release, how to paint?

Darkness I Seek.

To balance the light, the endless light of desert sun. Blood, sweat and tears.

Passivity does not engender paint. Anger, fight, passion, intensity, blood... does.

"Tell me that its nobodies fault but my own" from the album "Mutations" by Beck.

Moon Talon - acrylic and pastel on silk - 3.5' x 3.5'

Musical Ambience: Bjork - "Telegram", Rose Chronicles - "Gone to Heaven", Vetch - "Life's Not That Hard".