100 Words

In Process 

I discovered a very cool website called 100 Words through a friend and it got me writing every day, but in 100 word blocks. I found that my writing became much more focused, poetic and succinct so I've starting it up again, but this time on my blog in conjunction with works of art in progress. Enjoy!

100 Words

Silence, for meditation, sleeping, deep thinking...had to remove the clock. Sit cross-legged, motionless, the pen clutched in my hand, feeling you inside me.

My heart radiates joy and my mind is still.

Images of Madonna and Maya Deren - Goddesses; Venuses - out of the sea, worshiping Love and Sex and young boys - crawling cat-like onto a board-room table - proud and strong and sexual, predatory.

From God to sex to Love - not a far leap.

Sometimes watching strong men makes me feel like anything is possible - rippling muscles, dark eyes, bare chests, guns. Powerful emotions caught up inside.

Literary Ambience: Diaries of Anais Nin