Full Blue Moon in Cancer Double Artist Feature

Full Moon in Cancer
December 31, 2009
11:13 am PST
Partial Lunar Eclipse at 11:23 am PST

"As she moves into Cancer, the moon brings up memories and all the emotions that accompany them. This is a fertile time as tears fall more readily nourishing your roots. All arts are encouraged, especially the alchemy of cooking. Cancer Moons are natural empaths; they feel so deeply that sometimes they need to retreat to their shell and renew. They understand what nurtures our culture and they're challenged to stay open, to find strength in their spine and not just in their well-defended shells". Excerpted from the We'Moon 2000 & 2009 Datebooks


The moon pushes and pulls at my creative juices, just as it controls the tide. It is this ebb and flow of emotions that provides the breadth and width of my designs. From simple earrings to complex necklaces, I never know what a new day will bring in my studio as it is dependent on my mood. I love working with watery elements, pearls in particular, as they provide great soothing to my soul.

Having a little studio tucked away inside my cozy but busy house is a delight. I pour so much of myself into my home and yard, desiring to provide my family with a positive and peaceful atmosphere. Some of my most cherished moments are of watching my children play outside my studio window while I work inside and being overwhelmed by the feeling that all is right in my little world.

Havana Green Turquoise & Topaz Crystal Earrings

Granted, I'm a sensitive little crab, but I believe that this is what allows me a greater ability to really understand what a customer is seeking and to be able to design incredible custom pieces that delight the receiver. I am very organized and hate waste! Many of my one of a kind earring designs incorporate left over pieces with creative flair as I simply cannot imagine not using all my beads! I've very curious to see what creations unfold during this December full moon period.


I am a twenty-one year old Cancer from sunny California who just can't stop working with my hands. During the day I'm a student of Theater Arts and at night I'm a wig stylist, assistant costume designer, stitcher, blogger, tv watcher, dog lover, playwright, and Etsy seller. My Etsy work and most of the work I do outside focuses on eco-friendly fashions in honour of my love for transforming something old into something new.

My Zodiac sign definitely affects my work! If my moods change drastically my work will also change. The sensitive side of me shows up when I receive negative or positive feedback about my work. My parents are also artists so I've always been subject to creative criticism. If someone doesn't like the price of an item, the Cancer in me wants to lower it - I'm a people pleaser. Luckily the business woman in me usually takes control.

Couture/Avant garde neck piece

While my work is often soft and beautiful, it is also rooted in humor, and I believe my sense of humor is my strong suit. Perhaps the greatest influence upon my work is my overactive imagination. I will spend hours at a time when I'm at work, at school, at dinner parties or at the grocery store, lost inside my head, developing new spectacular things, or maybe just imagining the next color to dye my hair.

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