Full Moon in Cancer Artist Feature

Full Moon in Cancer
December 31, 2009
11:13 am PST
Partial Lunar Eclipse at 11:23 am PST

"The Moon in Cancer reconnects us with our depths, the oceans of emotions, and can make us homesick for our idealized home. We can choose to feel overwhelmed and get defensive, or find home within ourselves, cozy up our world, and reconnect with our true feelings".
Excerpted from the We'Moon 2009 Datebook

Jennifer Lester


As a Cancer I am already personally connected to the moon apart from my astrological sign. The moon has always been important to me and right now with both a full moon and an eclipse happening at the same time I am filled with energy. During a full moon, I always feel more productive and I seem to get more done leading up to it.

Recently, I started painting the goddess Athena, along with one of her symbols, the owl. I enjoyed the owl so much that I created a separate painting of it, and included a full moon in the background. I didn't really think about why I did this, it was intuitive. Now in retrospect I can see the significance of it.

Athena's Owl - 8" x 10 " - pastel & pencil

I feel that the moon brings us energy from the divine feminine along with time for reflection upon inner truths and wisdom and I'm very excited that we will be starting out the New Year with this kind of energy. I feel optimistic and inspired going forward and I am sure the moon will continue to influence myself and my art.

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I’m very new to Zodiac-related stuff, other than the basics that everyone knows (like what my sign is) but have been surprised (and somewhat amused) to find so many Cancerian characteristics that fit me to a tee, both personally and artistically.

My personality and artistic nature both fit the dual nature of Cancer well. I much prefer to work alone and find it quite hard to create anything when I have an audience of any kind, even one that’s not actually watching me. At the same time, teaching is rather easy for me and I love the one-on-one type of relationships and connections that an artist and small business person makes with their customers. I enjoy being able to help people figure out what exactly they want in the piece I make for them or help a customer find exactly the right piece to suit them.

I definitely love the past and most things related to history, and this reflects itself regularly in my work. One of my favorite aspects of making a piece is the research I might get to do while preparing or planning the design. History plays a huge part in my thinking and imagination and I like to indulge in it while working on my art.

Leaf Seasons Journal Pamphlet

On the less stellar side of the sign, I definitely have a tendency toward being untidy, moody and irritable. But I find that as long as I have regular, consistent time to work on my art, I am much less apt to fall into moodiness and irritability.

I am a self-taught artist, bookbinder and sculptor. I’ve been sculpting for over eight years now and binding books for around five years. Working in leather is my latest love and something I’ve been working on for about two and a half years now. My non-artistic career was as a secretary, both executive and administrative, but I much prefer being an artist.

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