My Background Story

Kathy Crabbe: Awaken Your Intuition

Kathy Crabbe: Awaken Your Intuition

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Mission Statement “I have been called by Spirit to live a creative life and to be of service, both through my artwork and my intuitive guidance.”

My Background Training

Psychic-Mediumship: I was trained as a psychic-medium by the renowned English channel, Adam Higgs.

Crystal Healing: I received crystal healing certification from Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy in Kapaa, Hawaii. Astrology: I have studied privately, and in group sessions with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, and Laura DesJardins, Donna Cunningham, Jeffrey Wolf Green and Barbara Hand Clow.

Yoga & Meditation: I learned meditation in a group devoted to Sri Chinmoy's teachings. My own spiritual practice has involved daily meditation and yoga since 1992.

Herbalism: I studied herbalism in the Wise Woman Tradition offered by Susun Weed in her Green Witch Intensive. I continue to work with healing herbs grown in my own garden.

Celtic Faerie Shamanism Advanced Training offered by Francesca De Grandis.

TherapeuticTouch as taught by Joyce Fournier, RN

Educator & Facilitator of New Moon Circles and the course I developed, “Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul” at San Jacinto College, Wise Woman University, and Inspire San Diego Studio.

In-Person Moon Circles I initiated and facilitated

  • Gypsy Luv, Pomona, California
  • Yoga for Life, Temecula, CA
  • Inspire San Diego Studio, San Diego, CA
  • Mt. San Jacinto College, CA
  • Rosewood Holistic Registry, Menifee, CA
  • Moon Circle Meetups, Temecula
  • Private home, Corona del Mar, CA
  • Private homes, Kingston, Ontario and Canmore, Alberta, Canada

In-Person Places I’ve offered Readings:

  • Gypsy Luv, Pomona
  • Karma Boutique, San Diego
  • Learning Light Foundation, Anaheim
  • Temecula Quick Date
  • Balanced Energies Psychic Fair, Temecula
  • Bailey's Winery Shakespeare Event
  • Nirvana, Temecula California
  • Owl's Lantern, Fullerton

My Specialty: - I specialize in providing the tools necessary for uncovering valuable insights that can lead to healing transformation. - I am a channel for healing guidance in connection with the Divine, my spirit guides, the ancestors and past lives. - My main spirit guides are Annie the Elder and Dan, a Native American Indian guide. - I also work with crystals and astrological wisdom to facilitate healing and growth.

The Arts: I have been a creative soul since the day I was born. When I was a pre-teen, I informed my grandfather that my goal in life was, "To live creatively." I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 1988, and a diploma in Graphic Design from St. Lawrence College in 1992. I pursued my love of the arts by becoming a professional artist and establishing my own fine art business, LuLu Design in 1993. Painting, printmaking, life drawing, exhibiting, and selling my work have been major influences upon the way I envision and live in the world. Why I love what I do: "Connecting with folks on a soul deep level for healing, inspiration & heart-to-heart conversation - what more is there?"

I have always been a dreamer; seeing visions that provided clues, implied potential, answers and prophecy regarding past, present and future happenings. Over the years I have kept alive this skill and continue to hone it on a daily basis.

More About Me

Kathy Crabbe: Awaken Your Intuition (Giving readings at Karma Boutique, San Diego, CA)

Kathy Crabbe: Awaken Your Intuition (Giving readings at Karma Boutique, San Diego, CA)

At age forty I felt great pressure to reach beyond my comfort zone and start offering my dreaming skills to others, in service to the Divine.

To me, the Divine is the Source of all beauty, love, peace and compassion and is thus undefinable, neither male nor female. We are, each and every one of us Divine and I believe our soul carries this Divine spark through many a lifetime until finally our lessons are all learned and we choose to become One with the All - our Divine Source.

My deepest wish in this incarnation is to serve the Divine by serving humanity in the best way I know how. I am always open to learning, creating and sharing all the nuggets, insights, tips and tools I've gathered along the way so I hope you'll join with me and pass it on!

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Interviews with me

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Blog Talk Radio I'm interviewed on The Reluctant Medium Show
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What I Value

  1. Keeping a dream diary since age thirteen
  2. Meditation
  3. Celebrating the seasons
  4. Studying astrology and goddess mythology
  5. Reading tarot and oracle cards
  6. Making art
  7. Trance dancing, flute playing
  8. Spirit guide journeying
  9. Paying attention to synchronicities
  10. Loving deeply
  11. Being a good friend
  12. Valuing myself and others