New Moon in Capricorn Artist

New Moon in Capricorn
11:11 pm PST
January 14, 2010

This month’s New Moon is in the sign of Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, meaning that Capricorn types like to be the boss, but in practical ways relating to the earth, foundation, structure and whatever brings value, meaning and status within society and our fellow human beings.

Some key words for Capricorn are: ambitious, status quo, self-discipline, common sense, logic, patience and self-sufficiency. I like to associate Capricorn with paternal figures, landlords, bosses and rules!

The shadow side of Capricorn relates to workaholism, emotional constriction, sorrow, loneliness, and time-serving. Capricorn also relates to our bones, and especially our knees that can give out when we work too hard, haven’t you noticed?

So as we enter this New Moon phase get ready to:

- Ground your intentions in right action in the material world.

- Strengthen your willpower and commitment to purpose.

- Channel your ambitions in accord with your duties.

- Get serious.

This month's New Moon in Capricorn artist is Shannon, a Canadian jeweler I recently discovered on Etsy. I do hope you enjoy her exquisite work and her passionate writing as well!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I've always enjoyed astrology and I've always played with it a little, but it's interesting to see just HOW my sign interacts with everything I do. According to many people, I'm not at all your typical Capricorn; my personality is too open and friendly and I'm always laughing whereas Capis are usually seen as serious, reserved and driven by an almost obsessive need to achieve and succeed.

Not to say that I don't have that drive, but it's countered by my Ascendant Aries which is where I think I get all my fire and verve!

That said, I definitely have some less immediately noticeable traits that are unmistakably Capricorn and that definitely come into play in my jewelry and pretty much everything I do. They often mix in with my Aries Rising, but they are still there.

Let's take that obsessiveness. When I start something, I jump into it with both feet first and I am SUPER passionate about it. I read and I learn and I want more of whatever it is. This is definitely true when it comes to gemstones, I NEED to know what they are and how good they are. I need to know what the different types of metal I am using are and the terminology involved. The more I do this and create, the more I have the need to know more and the more I have a need to have the BEST gems and metals!

Multi-colored Glass, Antique Brass & Aqua Tiger-tail Necklace

That's where materialism comes into play. Capricorns can be quite materialistic; they like having the best of the best and achieving the best possible positions in whatever they do. They like being around successful people and being successful themselves. In that aspect, I'm no different. I LOVE owning beautiful beads of precious stones, love knowing where they came from and how good they are. I love knowing that these creations of mine are not inexpensive both to own AND to create and that the people who will own them can afford to buy them. I love that each and every single piece is OOAK (original, one-of-a-kind) and unique and so to own the piece means you own something no one else has. I love knowing that each sale is a small step towards success for me and that that will lead me to fulfilling other goals.

Aside from just loving the stones for their beauty and value, I feel a deep connection to them because they were once a part of the Earth. I think part of that is because I am an Earth sign and so I feel grounded and of course, the more playful and fiery Aries does counteract that quite a bit with some high-spirited flightiness, but when it really matters I'm serious and in control and ready to take on what I need to to get ahead.

Sterling Silver and Red Bamboo Coral Pendant Necklace

In terms of work ethic, I LOVE the minutiae of creating jewelry. It's just SO meticulous and you need to have so much patience. I love handling small pieces and knowing that when I'm done, I will have made something that is beautiful and something to be proud of. I love being able to adjust a jump ring so precisely that if I have to open it again, it'll take me a few minutes to find the seam. I love being able to align pieces together perfectly and to create asymmetrical designs that are JUST SO and so they have their own sense of symmetry, at least to me! The perfectionist in me is always out when I am hunched over my desk working on a particular piece. I even go so far as to wear all necklaces , bracelets and rings for a day so I can be SURE that whoever purchases it will be happy with it. I keep track of the good and the bad and whatever is bad gets adjusted until it too is good. Only then will a piece be listed.

In terms of organization, the Capi and Aries in me fight it out on a daily basis. On one hand I can be organized but on another my environment can be chaotic and messy. Either way, the chaotic mess always ends up being conquered at some point when I get fed up of looking at it. Even when the mess is there I still know precisely where everything is and so it's really less of a mess and more akin to orderly disorder. It just LOOKS like a mess! If my Aries were just a tad weaker, I doubt I'd ever be disorderly. *lol*

Mexican Turquoise, Serpentine and Silver Necklace

I love the competitive feeling I get when I see other artisans' pieces that I love. I love knowing that those beautiful items are competing with and complimenting mine. I take pride not only in my work, but the work of others and I aspire to reach the heights the artisans I admire so much have reached. I love being told my pieces are beautiful and that I have talent and will go far. It feeds that need to succeed and reaffirms my commitment to my craft.

So when people look and interact with me, they see a vivacious, positive, happy young woman with immature tendencies. Once they get to know me better, they realize that there are much deeper levels to me and that I have a rigid streak inside me, that I like things to be done in a certain way, there's an order to things after all! They also see that there is a serious side to me. My need for symmetry and perfectionism, my drive to keep going and not give up even when I sabotage myself because of insecurities that I struggle with daily. My need for acknowledgment and to make and have the best. My single-minded determination to accomplish whatever I want. All these things are Capricorn and all these things come into play in what I do. I can be thankful for them because they allow me to create the wonderful pieces I create along with my more playful Arian traits. Both compliment each other well and give my pieces a signature that is uniquely me.

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