Waning Moon Collage - Dark Goddess Sheila-na-gig

“We can make art letting the voice of the goddess – the oracle – speak through us in healing words and images.” ~ Vicki Noble Sheela-Na-Gig is a goddess I have wanted to work with for a long time. She represents much that we, as women, have had to subdue just to fit in. She is fierce and uncompromising.

“She is remembered in Ireland as the Old Woman Creatress who gave birth to all races of men. Her function in the church was like that of the Gorgon on Athena’s shield: to protect and ward off evil. Labeled obscene in later more prudish times, the carvings were destroyed or defaced, sometimes buried in yards of the churches they once sanctified.” ~ Elinor W. Gadon - The Once & Future Goddess

My Waning Moon collage was created on the computer. The background consists of an abstract painting from my recent series “Journey into Intimacy” and the quotation was something I had used beneath my photo in my graduation yearbook from Graphic Design College, back in 1992!

This Collage is an example of the kind of creative activity we will be doing in my new eCourse Awaken the Divine Feminine which begins at the New Moon on March 15th at the Wise Woman University. The course is 4 weeks long and costs $49.95 - I created this self study course especially for women to help awaken, inspire and engage our passionate, intuitive, creative selves through the creation of a Moon Musing Journal, Moon Collages and Moon Musing Exercises in honour of the new, full and waning moons.