Sag New Moon 3 Truths Collage and a Ritual Just for YOU!

New Moon in Sag Ritual Poem + Collage
Channeled by Kathy Crabbe

Sink into the
like a child


A beautiful insect appears
to carry you away
to your home
of homes

"Be Good," you think
Be still

Submit to the darkness
Be happy
are You.

Lefty Oracle Card of the Month: Behold

There is only NOW and, in this instant I ask you: "What is YOUR truth?"

New Moon 3 Truths Collage

When all else falls away what 3 truths guide your way?

Create a collage in your mind with an image/symbol representing each truth.
Picture it NOW.
Then put it in words.

Optional: Create an actual collage cutting out photos, images from magazines, etc.

Title it "Truth Collage 2017 Top 3" and keep it safe in your heart and in your 3rd eye.

Happy Holidays my Moon Musing ever-loving' PEEPS! See you in the New Year!

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Kathy Crabbe is a Soul Reader, Artist, Teacher and Author who's mission in life is to be of service thru her offerings of healing magick for your heart and home. She finds magick everywhere but especially in the quiet of nature, books and amongst wild things; her constant companions in both Temecula, California and at her cottage in Ontario, Canada where she lives part of each year.

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Divine Feminine (Aquarian) Moon Collages

Moon Collages from my February eClass: Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul.

Aries Term begins April 3, 2011

Aquarian Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe

Aquarian Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe

Aquarius New Moon Collage by Michelle B.

Full Moon in Leo Collage by the Divine Michelle B.

Crone Moon in Pisces Collage by the Divine Michelle B.

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Discipline, Balance & Strength: Capricorn Collages

I'm finally back in the collage-swing-of-things along with a VERY lively group of Divine Feminine Moon Musing students for the Capricorn 2011 Term of my 4 week eClass...a very impressive bunch! I encourage all my students to create at least one collage during the class, but if they're feeling extra motivated I also encourage them to create 3 separate collages for each phase of the moon. I'd slacked off a bit with my moon collage creations, but set the intention of committing to the collage process starting in January of 2011  (that Cappie New Moon does indeed help with discipline, don'tcha think?)

Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe Jan. 2011

Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe Jan. 2011

Here's my own collage created for the New Moon in Capricorn, Full Moon in Cancer and the Waning Moon in Scorpio.

The background is taken from one of my newest paintings which is part of my Journey Into Intimacy Series.

I incorporated three of my Lefty Oracle Cards which I had chosen for each of the moon phases (Skell, Sharmin' and Guess).

The Yin Yang symbol in the upper right and the Black Mermaid (from my Laguna Beach Mermaid Series) in the lower right represent the balancing act I'm doing between life/art/work which is also represented by the half goat, half fish symbolizing the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

The circle of copper ribbon that I've sewed onto the collage represents the dedication and focus that is required to develop my Creative Soul Circle.

Divine Feminine Moon Musing Student Collages

New Moon Collage by Annalee Jackofsky

New Moon Collage by Annalee Jackofsky

Annalee JackofskyMoon Name: Athena Watersong Website:

For my new moon collage I chose pictures that showed how I wanted to be empowered by the moon, along with quotes and song lyrics that I felt expressed the inspiration I was looking to find in the next month.

Full Moon in Cancer Collage by Annalee Jackofsky

Full Moon in Cancer Collage by Annalee Jackofsky

In my full moon collage I expressed the seeds of intention I had planted through words and pictures. I included a picture of the cycle of the moon to show how I had changed throughout the month. I also added pictures of my power animals, and the names of the two goddesses that have guided me this month along with their strengths that I wish to find in myself.

Capricorn New Moon Collage by Rona Bennett

Capricorn New Moon Collage by Rona Bennett

Rona BennetMoon Name: Moonbow

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Meeting Ian: New Moon Intentions At Work

I have an interesting tale to tell about the recent Leo New Moon seeds of intention which I planted at the exact moment of the Leo New Moon in conjunction with the Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass I'm teaching at the Wise Woman University. I also added a Lunar Meditation (thanks to Barbara Hand Clow) and a dreaming request plusshared my intentions with a live audience on The Reluctant Medium's Blog Talk Radio program.

Leo Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe

Leo Moon Collage by Kathy Crabbe

My intentions were creatively Leonine:  I wished for a smooth and productive month re-building and launching my new and improved website PLUS really wanted to add some interactivity to the mix ie. audio/video showing me live and in action: soul reading, working with crystals and hugging tress, but I didn't know where to start!

The day after my Leo New Moon wishes were publicly broadcast on the radio a young man sat down next to me at Barnes and Nobles bookstore with his Mac Book Pro laptop and asked me if I was wearing Moldavite; an odd question!

Moldavite was originally created when a large meteorite crashed into the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic approximately 14.8 million years ago. It has many magickal, healing qualities relating to the heart and third eye chakra

I had just dreamed with Moldavite (and Lithium Quartz) the night before when I made a dream request for help with my website. Amazingly enough, this young man by the name of Ian was building his own interactive, metaphysical website chock-full ofinformation sharing video blog posts, books and recorded interviews with many metaphysical masters - wow, Ian was just the person I was hoping to meet!

Within the next two weeks we discussed shooting a video with the help ofIan's iMovie software and high definition video camera.  We decided to film me visiting my favorite sacred spots in the inland valley of Southern California as I communed with the trees, the rocks, the plants and the animals. I meditated, toned at Singing Rock, played my Native American Owl flute and set up a sacred circle of crystals and creative soul guide cards in a special cave I call The Mother's Womb .

Within two days Ian had created a slide show from two hour's of video footage which will be featured on my website very soon. The real message behind this story is to show you how powerful yourintentions can be, especially when you connect with the elements of nature, Mother Moon, your intuition, innate creativity and Great Spirit.  I'm in awe of what we have created together and bless the Divine and the Universe for guiding me to Ian.

The Moon Collage above was created in conjunction with my Divine Feminine eClass and incorporates several of my New Moon intentions plus a Full Moon Flowering (and no, Ian is not the one next to me in the heart, but the slide show he created on YouTube is in the middle!)  Student Moon Collages can be found here.

About Kathy Crabbe
As a soul reader I offer one-on-one readings, eclasses, an oracle deck, astrology reports and other online resources to help soul-seekers uncover their gifts and strengths. My background in the arts infuses my readings and encourages my clients to take creative risks.

I received intuitive training from English psychic and channel, Adam Higgs and spiritual training from meditation teacher Om (devotee of Sri Chinmoy) and yoga training with Atma Khalsa and Amanollah Ghahraman. I studied Herbalism with Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive) and Therapeutic Touch with Joyce Fournier, RN. I also received my certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and I've been a lifelong student of astrology through private study and group sessions with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins and Jeffrey Wolf Green. Celtic Fairie Shamanism two year training with Francesca De Grandis, Learn more about readings here:
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Breathe in Gratitude

Waning Moon Collage by K. Crabbe Painting=returning sanity to the world. Waning Moon Energy=letting go.

Breathe in: joy nature summer birdsong love touch bbq's

Breathe out: $ anxiety Breath in: understanding $ Breathe out: unhealthy relationships Breathe in: true heart-soul connections Breathe out: fear Breathe in: love Breathe in: gratitude Breathe out: gratitude All is one.

What's your meditation mantra gonna be? Breathe in: Breathe out:

My collage was created in conjunction with my eCourse, Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul. You can join in the fun and find out more here: Divine Fun

Musical Ambiance: just the wind in the trees.