Leo New Moon Oracle: Caava Kicks Butt

Caava Kicks Butt by Kathy Crabbe

New Moon Lefty Oracle:
Caava kicks butt

Mantra: I am strong.
Affirmation: I mean business.
Element: Fire

I am a mean machine.
I love conflict,
getting angry,
and kicking butt.

But that’s not all!

I’m also charming, gracious,
well put-together and make
a mean strawberry/rhubarb pie.

So, don’t judge me
‘til you know me
and I’ll do the same for you.

If this card appears in a reading it’s self-evident that you need to take a stand. Who or what needs the boot in your life? Bolster your strength and courage and do something about it. NOW. Reach out for support. You don’t have to do this alone. Your heart is in the right place and you WILL move forward. There is a time and a place to take action and that time has come. Don’t charge in madly until you know exactly what you need to do. Write it down or talk it over with a friend if need be. Then move forward, one spiked toe at a time and it’s done. Good work, brave soul!

In my own life I usually like to wait to take action in regards to a grievance until I feel the fire in my veins. I’ve prepared for that moment by thinking and talking it through so I’m ready with the power of emotion and intellect for when I do take action and it gets results!

Creative Journal Prompt
Take a moment to pretend that you are climbing the tallest mountain around and that you have just reached the very top. Look around. Breathe the air, feel the exhilaration, the quiet peacefulness AND the pounding of your heart. We can be both: quiet and exhilarated. Take another moment to feel this duality within yourself. Now add a third element: knowing-ness. Then take one goal and apply these three elements to it while journaling and leave extra space in your journal entry so that you can record your progress over time.

Expressive Body Movement Challenge
Pretend that you have just climbed the aforementioned mountain. Then re-enact the part where you reach the top. What do you do? Express all three elements discussed above using expressive body movement. i.e. quiet, exhilarated, knowing.

*Excerpted from the Lefty Oracle Deck 92 page Guidebook

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CAAVA Kicks Butt in the We'Moon Datebook!

Caava was lucky enough to kick butt in the We'Moon Datebook and in my self published book: Odds & Ends A Collection of Friends. Here is her short and sassy poem from that book.

Recipe Kickbutt
(for Virginia)

strong calves
pointy shoes

Kathy's Leo New Moon Altar

Happy New Moon in Cancer!

Happy New Moon in Cancer! This is a great time to go within, sink into the beauty and ponder the deep questions. To help you I've pulled a Lefty Oracle Card and include her Mantra and what she means below.

Gloria simply adored herself by Kathy Crabbe (Lefty Oracle Deck)

Gloria simply adored herself by Kathy Crabbe (Lefty Oracle Deck)

Gloria simply adored herself  

Mantra: I am respected.

Affirmation: I am fabulous and so are you!

Element: Air

If this card appears in a reading you need appreciation, respect and love from yourself. It’s time to take a stand and show the world your truth. If you lack confidence or fear exposure, start small and acknowledge your truth in your heart first and then choose one other person to share it with; someone who will listen and hear all you have to say. Each day take one more baby step and tell one more person. It may be through writing or art or singing or crafting or baking, but know that it’s an expression of your truth in all its beauty.

In my own life I choose to share the best of myself through my monthly writing and art at the new and full moon in my online museletter and on my blog.l

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Cancer New Moon Altar by Kathy Crabbe

Cancer New Moon Altar by Kathy Crabbe

Libra Full Moon Inspiration

Each month at the New and Full Moon I pull a Lefty Oracle Card and channel the energy of that moon. This month's card is: Now the real work begins. Below you will also find suggestions to decorate your altar Libra style along with goddess lore, affirmations and ideas to make the most of this Full Moon. Venus, the Goddess of Love rules Libra so open your heart and let love flow guided by the light of Mama Moon. Sparkly Blessings! Kathy Crabbe

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Lefty Oracle Card

Lefty Oracle Card: Now the Real work begins

I am ready.
I know what I must do.
The ‘real work’
is the only work that matters.

It’s the work I was born to do.
It’s the work that calls to my soul
and takes me out of my petty, small self
and into my BIG picture self.

I am in alignment with the flow, the zone
and I am moving forward
in conscious awareness of each step.

I am poised.
I am graceful.
I am grateful for being here today.

When this card appears in a reading it means business. What IS your ‘real work’; the work that matters to you on a soul-deep level? The work you MUST do before you die. Define that first. Then ask yourself, “Am I doing my ‘real work’ consistently or is it even on my radar?” If your ‘real work’ is still a mystery to you, it’s time to awaken to your soul’s calling and uncover your true gifts. You can start by looking back at your childhood and pin-pointing your favorite parts. Next, look at your current favorite activities or times when you’ve been so absorbed you lost track of time. If nothing comes to you, ask a friend to point out your strengths or take the StrengthsFinder test (from the book StrengthsFinder by Tom Rath).

In my own life I purchased the StrengthsFinder book, took the test and identified my top five strengths which helped me focus on my strengths rather than my weaknesses so that I could truly shine.

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Libra Altar

Goddess Wisdom from the Goddess Zodiac Playbook
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Libra – Scales of justice

Time of Year – Fall, Autumn Equinox,
September 23 - October 22
Quality – Cardinal
Element – Air
Ruler – Venus
Anatomy – Kidneys
Natural sign of – 7th house
Opposite sign – Aries
Color – Shades of blue, pale green, pink
Gemstone – Bloodstone, jade, jasper
Tarot card – Justice
Goddesses – Athene, Benzaitan, Maat, Minerva, Nemesis, Themis

Libra Affirmations

  • I focus on beauty, harmony and cooperation within my personal relationships
  • I am serene and at peace
  • Harmony fills my soul
  • I come alive to the rhythm of tribal beats through dance and movement
  • I see and understand every woman’s point of view
  • I see beauty all around me
  • My inner scales are in perfect balance

Delve Into Culture:

  • - Delve into culture: the arts, music, poetry
  • - Make time for social gatherings
  • - Be in love and be loving
  • - Handle conflict with fairness and equality
  • - Flood the mind with beauty
  • - Seek common ground with others
  • - Cultivate the refined, elegant and lofty dimensions of experience

Kathy Crabbe

About Kathy Crabbe
“I have been called by Spirit to live a creative life and to be of service, both through my artwork and my intuitive guidance.”

Kathy Crabbe is a soul reader, artist, writer, and teacher who has devoted her life to exploring spirituality and creativity with passion and integrity. She currently lives in Temecula, California with her two dogs and architect husband in an adobe style home they built themselves.

Kathy received intuitive training from English psychic and channel, Adam Higgs, spiritual training from meditation teacher Om (devotee of Sri Chinmoy), yoga training with Atma Khalsa. Kathy studied Herbalism with Susun Weed (Green Witch Intensive) and Therapeutic Touch with Joyce Fournier, RN. Kathy received her certification in crystal healing from Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy and has been a lifelong student of astrology through private and group sessions with Steven Forrest, Patty Davidson, Laura DesJardins and Jeffrey Wolf Green. In 2017 Kathy completed an intensive two year training in Third Road Celtic Faerie Shamanism with Francesca De Grandis.

Kathy holds a BA in Art History from Queen’s University and a Diploma in Graphic Design. Her work has appeared in We’Moon Datebook, Sage Woman Magazine and San Diego Women’s History Museum. She has taught and mentored at Wise Woman University, Mt. San Jacinto College and on HGTV along with starting a writer’s group and artist’s circle in her town.

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