Leo New Moon Reading!

Homer by Kathy Crabbe (Lefty Oracle Deck)

Lefty Oracle of the Month: Homer on the verge of greatness

Mantra: I strive.

Affirmation: I let go of fear to be here now.

Element: Water

"Stop trying to be soooo great,"
my inner critic whines at me, 

but do I listen?
No way. 

I AM great

…in my own mind, 

or am I?

Isn’t that supposed to be the End Goal?

Sadly, it feels like the race will never end.

If only…

if only…

I could be present right now

and have THAT be enough.

If this card appears in a reading it’s about time you asked yourself who you’re trying so hard to please and why it’s never enough. Instead of seeking approval outside of yourself go within and be your own best friend. You ARE good enough and, in fact you are the best YOU there is and the only YOU that will ever exist.

In my own life this card was inspired by my dad, and that story is a long one indeed. I learned a lot about what not do to in life from him, and for that I am grateful.

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Creative Journal Prompt
Do you ever feel like Homer does, “On the verge of greatness?” If ‘yes’ then describe what that means for you and explain what it refers to as well. If not, then describe a feeling of being on the verge of greatness or something similar.

What does greatness look like to you? What meaning does it hold?

Are you on the way to achieving this greatness, and if so, what needs to happen for you to get there and to know greatness?  Try breaking it down into numbered steps within a timeline.

Now, congratulate yourself BIG TIME for your foresight and diligence in acknowledging right now, that even without all this, YOU ARE GREAT just by saying these words:

I am great.
Thank you Divine One for blessing me and my work.
I am great and so are you.

Expressive Body Movement Challenge
Imagine that, like Homer, you too are on the verge of greatness. Translate that feeling of greatness and momentum and possibility into an element such as earth, air, fire or water. Which element facilitates and encourages your feeling of greatness the most? Now become that element.

Non Dominant Hand Exercise
Take some time to meditate upon your greatness and to come up with a symbol to depict your greatness along with an affirmation using your non dominant hand.

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Leo New Moon Oracle: Caava Kicks Butt

Caava Kicks Butt by Kathy Crabbe

New Moon Lefty Oracle:
Caava kicks butt

Mantra: I am strong.
Affirmation: I mean business.
Element: Fire

I am a mean machine.
I love conflict,
getting angry,
and kicking butt.

But that’s not all!

I’m also charming, gracious,
well put-together and make
a mean strawberry/rhubarb pie.

So, don’t judge me
‘til you know me
and I’ll do the same for you.

If this card appears in a reading it’s self-evident that you need to take a stand. Who or what needs the boot in your life? Bolster your strength and courage and do something about it. NOW. Reach out for support. You don’t have to do this alone. Your heart is in the right place and you WILL move forward. There is a time and a place to take action and that time has come. Don’t charge in madly until you know exactly what you need to do. Write it down or talk it over with a friend if need be. Then move forward, one spiked toe at a time and it’s done. Good work, brave soul!

In my own life I usually like to wait to take action in regards to a grievance until I feel the fire in my veins. I’ve prepared for that moment by thinking and talking it through so I’m ready with the power of emotion and intellect for when I do take action and it gets results!

Creative Journal Prompt
Take a moment to pretend that you are climbing the tallest mountain around and that you have just reached the very top. Look around. Breathe the air, feel the exhilaration, the quiet peacefulness AND the pounding of your heart. We can be both: quiet and exhilarated. Take another moment to feel this duality within yourself. Now add a third element: knowing-ness. Then take one goal and apply these three elements to it while journaling and leave extra space in your journal entry so that you can record your progress over time.

Expressive Body Movement Challenge
Pretend that you have just climbed the aforementioned mountain. Then re-enact the part where you reach the top. What do you do? Express all three elements discussed above using expressive body movement. i.e. quiet, exhilarated, knowing.

*Excerpted from the Lefty Oracle Deck 92 page Guidebook

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CAAVA Kicks Butt in the We'Moon Datebook!

Caava was lucky enough to kick butt in the We'Moon Datebook and in my self published book: Odds & Ends A Collection of Friends. Here is her short and sassy poem from that book.

Recipe Kickbutt
(for Virginia)

strong calves
pointy shoes

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