My Art is Featured in Witches & Pagans Magazine

Anne Niven, the editor of Witches & Pagans Magazine sends me articles to illustrate for her wonderful witchy magazine, but they must be in black and white! I decided to try out my new walnut ink instead which is a rich, lustrous, earthy brown and LOVED IT! Somehow it made the work more magickal and enchanted. Here is the illustration which was chosen for an article about the Olde English language. Expect to see more of my walnut ink illustrations in upcoming issues including Sage Woman which is also published by Anne and BBI Media.

The painting above is already sold but I also created this walnut ink painting for the same issue and it is still available.

Scincraeft - Original Painting

8.5x12 Original Painting
- Painted with walnut ink on 180 lb archival paper.
- Hand signed by Kathy.
- Includes artist bio & certificate of authenticity..

Scincraeft or wiccecraeft translates from the Old English to wise craft or shine craft. "English is a language whose roots stretch back deep into a very heathen past. English was born of heathens and is perfectly suited to expressing heathen concepts and world-view. The Gods are already there in the simple words of everyday life."  This is an excerpt from the article titled Heathen English by Ash Grimsbury that appeared in Witches & Pagans Magazine, Issue 32, July 2016. I was asked to illustrate this article by the editor Anne Niven and chose the magical word Scincraeft as my subject and inspiration although this illustration was not published.


Devotional Art for your home and hearth to inspire and bless your magical life by Kathy Crabbe.

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