Deus - acrylic and charcoal on masonite - 48" x 48"

As I sit in my studio I wind it down, morphing into 'Artist's Time' which requires no clock.

I listen to the birds flying and my dog breathing, as everything flows in and out of my body and I let my worries... a snake! Suddenly a large snake appears outside my open door and I am afraid! What if it's a rattlesnake?! It isn't. I take this Rosy Boa as a sign that I am going deeper today and that I am on track, alive in my veins.

I ask myself, "What is your purpose here on earth?"

And then I paint.

Laguna Beach ~ Flowers

It's all coming together now ~ life, work, art.

Deus (definition) - n. God. [Middle English, from Latin.]

Musical Ambiance: Erasure & Bjork.