Kundalini Balancing & Rising

My name is Annie. I am New Zealand born and bred although I make my home in the largest island in the world, Australia. I have always been able to converse with spirits, having an imaginary friend, George at the age of two until my first day at school and the list goes on. I have run with the wolves during my adolescence, every night in dreams to learn the Lone White Wolf nature. I am a true quintessential Aquarian, very eccentric in nature and very spiritual in my beliefs. This has carried me through numerous traumatic times in my childhood and adulthood to bring me to the state of grace I now find myself in. For many years I was upon a journey within myself to develop my inner gifts of writing (to unleash my unconscious), healing with crystals, the energy and chakra therapies, reading for myself and others and feeling the spirit at work on all levels. I escaped to a nearby place called the Lost World, on the edge of a rain forest to literally lose myself in nature. I spent two wonderful years communing with nature spirits, listening to the trees and holding fire circles with many spirit exchanges and animal ones also. It was here I met my soul mate and upon a new child entering the earthly sphere we departed to the local township for stability and a new beginning as a family.

It was at this point everything turned as I could never have foreseen. With the collapse of the relationship due to the inability to connect with his soul in town and with a newborn baby in my life, I was utilizing my tarot cards, medicine cards and healing energies to get through the darkest depression of my life to date and the daily grind my life had become. I had a dream a few days before divine intervention stepped in that showed me my soul mate had actually murdered me and my child many times over in past life times and I was to rectify this in this lifetime. I battled on.

Three more days went past before divine intervention stepped in through a car accident that my children and I were involved in yet the car miraculously turned at the last moment for my door to take the full impact. The children were remarkably unhurt and apparently I (with a broken neck and severe injuries) was conversing with them the whole time to help them remain calm until medical emergency services arrived on the scene. I must make mention at this point, that the accident occurred at one of my favorite places to visit, Cedar Creek where we had picnicked at the falls many a time and had personally named it “the witches haven”.

I was placed in an induced coma, to give my body a chance to heal itself which lasted almost seven days. Seven being my favorite number, I find this in itself very prophetic. In this coma I was made aware of a glowing white man with white lights for eyes who yelled at me and told me constantly, “Get back there, it’s not your time!” When he was finally done yelling at me, I had many telepathic conversations with this man, he listened to me share my pain and trauma and calmed down enough to show me dreamlike sequences to show me why I must come back.

Upon waking from the coma, the glowing white man continued to haunt me when visitors departed and no one was around. I continually attempted to escape which showed the doctors immediately that I had no nerve damage and was not going to suffer any paralysis. I had a neurophysiologist converse with me about my escaping habits and I shared with him the glowing man and my fear that he is still here. He smiled at me and told me to research him when I got out of hospital, because that man has saved your life. They moved me to the brain injury ward where I could no longer escape although within two weeks I was allowed to go home.

I had no memory of the past two years or anything traumatic from my life before. I began getting to know my beautiful children again, with a total amazement at the young child I now had. It was his acknowledgment of me and his genuine trusting and loving nature that brought me back quick smart to reclaim my life in a whole new world. My 16 year old daughter, at the time, filled me in on pieces I just couldn’t understand due to the amnesia and I was consistently telling everyone I wanted a snake which no one would take seriously. I had two broken vertebrae in my neck which took 3 months to heal, 12 smashed ribs that took 6 weeks to heal, a hole in my lung and liver that took a week to heal with no pain to speak of.

Archangel Metatron

This journey has been totally unbelievable, even from my own perspective and that is because I don’t feel quite human. I am in a human experience, Yes although I know there is a spirit one also and that is the one I have needed to trust to recover so remarkably. Having trusted the spirit and the glowing man with great thanks for my life now, everything that man showed me has come to fruition with the greatest good for us all. I no longer hide my emotions and battle with society’s expectations of us to conform. There is now a knowing that life just is and the spirit just is! I no longer feel any need to explain it or justify it to others. I just let it be. What will be, really will be. We all come to our own place of knowing when we are ready and open and willing enough.

Please don’t get me wrong, in the past 18 months I have had all sorts of things thrown my way that I would normally have seen as very traumatic and would have had a need to fight for my rights although they have all come through my children and their respective fathers, whereby I can see the whole picture now and have been able to fight for my children's rights, standing beside them as a support network of unconditional love and protection that stands apart on its own because I just trust in the unseen. I have had both fathers of my sons attempt to use this brain injury as the basis to claim custody of my children with disastrous results on their behalf. I have a legal knowledge now that astounds me, having filled out my own affidavits, prepared my own defense and I just trust in the universal justice system rather than the human created one with wondrous results for my children.

As I slowly get a handle on the knowledge I now have and how I wish to bring it out into the world to help others on their path to enlightenment, I have reintegrated back into working part time in a retail store as part of my connecting to adults again and providing an outlet for me, which I call my ‘free time’. Who would ever think that working would be a freedom, but to me it is and a way to find my way back into the sphere of humanity to prepare myself for the future I know I have in store for I was shown.

I was only just saying all this to my 18 year old daughter earlier this year and feeling like I have completely healed now. She smiled and told me she had acquired a snake for me for my birthday, “Go have a look Mum.” I fell in love with her and brought her home. My daughter trusted in my spirit calling and listened, because I have always listened and trusted in her. My snake is finally here and she is telling me wisely, now is the time to get ready to shed this healing skin and embark on the next phase of my life. I had three names in my mind when she came, although she flicked her tongue at me when I said, “Kundalini” so Kundalini it is. For she has helped me balance out the Kundalini serpent within that is ready to rise. No longer am I using my sexual energy for any exploits with humans, it’s all there for me to utilize to release the passion I hold inside for helping humanity realize we are all healers, we are all wise women. We are all spirit beings, light beings and we all work as one for the highest good of all.

On another note, and I know you readers are inquisitive to know who this glowing white man was. I researched him. I have never been a religious person although I went on a ‘bible’ hunt at my local library. After reading every bible there is I still hadn’t a clue. Then a girlfriend gave me an Angel Bible as a gift. As she gave it to me, she asked me to open to any page and see if that’s the man you saw. I prayed to the glowing one and opened the book, to the White Angel, Archangel Metatron, even the picture was strikingly similar minus the long white beard, but he had a shiny bald head. I got light sparkly twinkles and from this day forward when I am with someone that is caught up in the human experience, I see these white sparkly lights surround the person. The person most often stops what they are saying and admits that in their mind they have all these lights flashing. I smile and know it’s my archangel doing his work, freeing up my mind and theirs to be able to change their whole perspective from that point on in the conversation and it works!

I meditate with him often, he is always present around the Full and New Moons and is ever present in my daily life and always will be from this day forward. I feel it was his work in bringing Kathy into my life at this very auspicious time of the Spring Equinox, 2010. I have been working towards manifesting this very story to be told and preparing my book to be published in the very near future which was part of my ‘coma dream’ also. The time is here and I pray that you all can take something from this interesting experience to gain insight into your own earthly transition at this time.

Sparkly Blessings All with Love & Light ~ Annie

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