Full Moon Fruition Collage

To get things rolling for my brand new course - Awaken The Divine Feminine- which just debuted on this New Moon, March 15, 2010 I'm going to be sharing some ideas that are a part of this course such as the Full Moon Collage (pictured here) and the New Moon Collage I created this self study course especially for women to help awaken, inspire and engage your passionate, intuitive, creative selves through the creation of a Moon Musing Journal, Moon Collages and Moon Musing Exercises in honour of the new, full and waning moons.

I believe that the moon can help guide and challenge us to know and resonate with our instinctual, emotional selves in a balanced, harmonious and soulful way.

The course will start on the new moon of each month and includes four lessons plus a supplemental Moon Musing email specifically geared to the zodiac sign that the moon falls in for that particular month. My course is offered through the Wise Woman University which has lots of other interesting and goddess-oriented self-study programs as well, so stop on over and check things out!

If you have any questions about the course, please let me know and I'll be happy to respond here or via email.