Lost In Your Embrace

Coming back to a painting in progress is like coming home...I breathe a huge sigh of relief - I have found my way back to where I belong. Art Essentials:

- Self imposed solitude surrounded by nature - Cadmium red deep - Light ultramarine blue - Light green (yellow shade) - Giant Asian watercolor brushes - Giant bamboo reed pen - Sennelier soft pastels: pale cloud blue - Glitter/mica - Caran d'Ache neopastels: bleu turquoise - My project manager, Jamie Lees D'Angelo - All my loves, and you know who you are

My mission: to let passion flow, captured forever - forever free.

"I have never been touched like this by another" From the song "Touched" by Delerium

In process - acrylic & pastel on masonite - 48" x 48"

"What I would do to be lost in your embrace" From the song "Fallen" by Delerium

I believe I've found happiness surrounded by colors: sticks, tubes, jars, bottles, sprinkles, brushes.

Musical Ambiance: Chimera by Delerium