Why Get a Creative Soul Reading?

Why get a Creative  Soul Reading? For insight, perspective, nurturing and to help strengthen your core self, your soul and inspire your heart PLUS I share with you my own techniques for happiness, joy and well-being.

Above all, I am here to help you help yourself PLUS it's fun, intense, challenging and makes you feel good, whole, holy as growing and changing often does.

I think the biggest message I got from this is also my life lesson here, which is trust. It's time for me to take a deep breath and jump into all the opportunities that await. It worked out in the past and it will work out this time too. I will continue to revisit this as a reminder to my Self to get back to business and trust it's the right thing.

~ Mollie, elementary school teacher/social worker and mom (my favorite job!) San Luis Obispo, California

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