Why Get a Creative Soul Reading?

Why get a Creative  Soul Reading? For insight, perspective, nurturing and to help strengthen your core self, your soul and inspire your heart PLUS I share with you my own techniques for happiness, joy and well-being.

Above all, I am here to help you help yourself PLUS it's fun, intense, challenging and makes you feel good, whole, holy as growing and changing often does.

I think the biggest message I got from this is also my life lesson here, which is trust. It's time for me to take a deep breath and jump into all the opportunities that await. It worked out in the past and it will work out this time too. I will continue to revisit this as a reminder to my Self to get back to business and trust it's the right thing.

~ Mollie, elementary school teacher/social worker and mom (my favorite job!) San Luis Obispo, California

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A Past Life Reading for Jennifer

What is a Past Life Reading?

This reading is a combination astrology and soul reading that will provide you with a better understanding of who you are so that you can make the absolute most of your innate talents and gifts. Real growth comes from understanding and transforming behavior patterns so that you can challenge yourself to develop in new and exciting ways based upon knowledge of your past lives.

A past life reading also includes an examination of the north and south nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. The Moon rules your feelings, moods, and emotional body and is the most important planet in your chart from a karmic/past life perspective and will help you understand your karmic mission for this lifetime based upon your past lives.

Jennifer's Comments:

Okay, so I'll just take it from the beginning. When I was little I had several dolls that I had named Beatriz and I used this spelling when I wrote out their names. One doll in particular was a rag doll and she had wavy blond hair. I remember my sister telling me that it was a dumb name for her but I insisted that was her name. I found it interesting that I had wavy hair in my past life (guess I'll never get rid of these curls!)

In my adolescent years I used to show horses and I still enjoy riding and even crave to ride, but I no longer own a horse.Several years ago my now ex husband and I started going to Renaissance festivals. At first I didn't want to go, but after my first time attending one I felt very comfortable and loved being dressed up. Also I have no problem understanding Shakespeare or other Elizabethan works which people find odd.

I am fascinated and petrified at the same time of bats, but the mystical stuff has always fascinated me although I have never practiced anything like that because it just feels a bit weird.

You mentioned that you caught glimpses of other lifetimes and in one of them I was blinded by pain and feeling pain behind the knee - I have always been enamored with the US Civil War and have always felt that I was a Confederate Soldier who died in battle.

On to the second lifetime! My paternal grandfather's name is Amiel and I got a little kick out of the fact that you felt my name sounded like Amiel. Still a blond, huh? At least in past lifetimes I didn't get the blond out of a bottle!

I have always wanted to be a Gypsy!! When I was married we used to take off in the car without alot of money, and just drive until we stopped. The craziest thing we ever did was take off and drive to Southern California and we only had $300 to get us there and back. It was a fun trip though!

I also love a good bonfire and feel at home when I am at one! My dress style is very gypsy like or bohemian.

Becoming a nurse and working at a hospital is sort of interesting - I cannot stand blood and guts. I have gone back to school to study social work and I still want to do social work but I am kinda changing my mind and am interested in grief counseling or working in a hospice center instead - I just want to help people. Mystical influences have always interested me but I have always been afraid to dive into it. Maybe in this lifetime I should.

You talk about receiving a charm - when I was born my maternal grandmother pinned a Virgin Mary charm to the mattress of my crib. The charm was silver but Mary was in blue. All of my mattresses have had this charm on it, but one day it disappeared and I have not been able to find it since - that was probably about 4 years ago. I am going to work on the "tendencies to leave behind," especially the impatience and the second guessing of what others are thinking. All in all I thought it was a great reading!! Thank you VERY much!

A Past Life Reading for Jennifer Jamiel

*This reading was reprinted with kind permission from Jennifer.

I will begin your past life reading by taking a look at two of your past lives based upon a psychic/soul reading of your past life energy.

Lifetime 1

The first lifetime I tap into takes place in England during medieval times and your name is Beatrice (Beatriz).

The first thing I see is a horse wearing some sort of head hear (a mask) running up and the rider has a plume on his helmet and hands a message intended for the king to a gate keeper.

Then I see you, all alone, high up in a tiny window within the castle. You are looking down and your face is pale and your hair is long, blonde and wavy. You are quite bored and lonely as you traipse from room to room dangling your hands over the furniture.

Fast forward in time…you have your own castle now and a tall, thin husband, but you’re still bored! So you go to the local witch for help and she gives you a potion to stir up some excitement in your marriage. You take this potion, but start to feel like you’re seeing bats in your hair so you stop!

Later on you give birth to a baby boy, “Timmy” and a girl, “Anelise” and you are happier, but you also have a vision of a masked “Bird Man” that you have been dreaming of for awhile. He is someone that complements your soul and brings you strength.

So you take up riding and dream of him, as if searching for him while on your long rides. You never find him, but you realize later that he was the brother that you never had (he may have died at birth).

Life Lesson: This was an unfulfilled life in some ways, but you endured, made the best of it and lived well, but always with the feeling that something was missing.

I also catch a glimpse of several other lifetimes:

- I see simple toy wooden animals and people making the sign of the cross. - You are blinded and in pain in this lifetime and feeling pain behind your knee. - I see a group of three black haired Celtic friends making merry.

Lifetime 2

The second lifetime I tap into takes place in Holland in the 1700’s and your name sounds like Amiel.

My first image of you is as a stocky, strong, wide, blondish woman wearing a pale blue apron. You are very practical and take charge.

I see creeks full of running water around you and I see you herding chickens.

You are married to a man named Jeremy. I also see a ‘friend’ of yours by the name of Magda. She is a strong woman with wild black hair. You are strangely attracted to the wild gypsy ways of Magda especially when you catch glimpses of her sitting by a fire at night. She is such a contrast to your own practical life.

You don’t want to befriend her (she is too far beneath you) but you do decide to let her read your palm. At the last moment you take your hand away from her just before she read it because you are afraid. Instead, she reads your tea leaves not saying anything of importance, but she does give you a charm, like a wish.

After receiving this charm, you begin to focus on what you really want in life and you decide that you want to help people and be compensated for doing this. So you become a nurse and eventually you work at a hospital and this truly fulfills you.

You never mention the gypsy encounter to anyone, but you keep that blue charm safely stored in a treasure box, for it changed your life.

Life Lesson: Once again you invited mystical outside influences into your life and most importantly, you paid attention to them. During your lifetime you managed to build upon your strengths and contribute much to society. This was a good life that was well lived and you were a very giving and strong person.

Jennifer, I’m ending this part of your reading by surrounding you with health, happiness and the guidance of your strong will.

Part 2 - An Astrological Analysis of the Nodes of the Moon in your Natal (Birth) Chart

Your Karmic Mission based upon past lives – Why are you here? (The Nodes of the Moon)

In astrology, the Moon rules our feelings, our moods, and our emotional bodies. It is the most important planet in our chart from a karmic/past life perspective. An analysis of the North and South Nodes of the Moon will help you better understand your Karmic Mission for this lifetime based upon your past lives.

Your North Node is in Sagittarius in the 1st House (Aries House) - Your present life. Your South Node is in Gemini in the 7th House (Libra House) - Your past lives.

North Node in Sagittarius

Attributes to develop: (Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents)

- Reliance on intuition, prophetic abilities, and invisible guidance - Spontaneity – developing a sense of freedom and adventure - Direct communication free from censorship - Trusting oneself - Spending time alone and in nature - Intuitive listening – hearing the meaning behind the words

Tendencies to leave behind: (Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable)

- Second-guessing what others are thinking - Indecisiveness - Perpetually seeking more information - Gossiping - Impatience – wanting immediate answers

You may find yourself on an unending search for information in a desire for mental security and on a search for truth. The bottom line is that you will never have enough information to know what the “truth” is. At some point, you need to go beyond logic to your intuition, and demonstrate what your higher truth is telling you. Real growth is only possible when you learn to let go of control and follow your intuition. Acting from your own truth will draw out your integrity and bring the right people to you which will help give you the security and peace of mind you seek.

You are highly intuitive and can excel in the psychic fields. You can also be successful in situations involving interactions with foreign countries. You are happiest when using your talents to find solutions ie. lawyer, religious or spiritual leader, professor, publisher, or a role in advertising – promoting various causes that you believe in on a mass level. You have a gift for foreseeing probable outcomes and when you verbalize this you can create win/win situations. However, if you work in professions where understanding and reporting how others think is the goal you may not fare as well. Teaching mundane subjects or working with projects that deal with fact rather than inspiration, can promote uneasiness and fear of being hurt unexpectedly.

You have spent many lifetimes in positions where it was essential for you to understand how others think: as a teacher, writer, orator and salesperson. You have the talent of seeing everyone else’s point of view, but in the process have lost touch with your own truth. Now you need to connect with your spirituality and rediscover yourself. You also have the gift of gab and can see into the mindset of other people.

You may have a tough time making decisions because you are accustomed to seeing both sides. To avoid this problem, you must not allow yourself to question your first feeling of “knowing.” Your intuition is usually accurate.

Be careful not to slip into telling white lies. Your special gift in this lifetime is truth. When you can honestly and directly reveal your own point of view, others will respect what you say.

The desire to win is also correct and healthy for you. You have a positive, cheerful and outgoing nature and are attuned to insights from your Guides and Angels. When you become negative, it’s because you’re thinking too much. As you relax your mind, your natural faith in positive outcomes will be able to re-establish itself.

One of the greatest gifts you can share with others is your unique ability to help people overcome negative thoughts and to show them how to take a positive point of view. One of the greatest challenges you face is achieving peace of mind. One viewpoint that could help is: “Hey, this is all just an adventure! It’s an experiment, a discovery!”

It’s also healthy for you to retreat from society, and spend time outdoors, with animals, and in nature. Regular exercise, meditation, hot baths and swimming will help you relax.

Healing Affirmations:

- “When I follow my own sense of truth, I win.” - “When I let others be themselves, I am free.” - “My intuition will show me the right road, spontaneously, as events occur.”

North Node in the 1st House (the Aries House)

Attributes to develop: (Work in these areas can help uncover hidden gifts and talents)

- Independence - Self-awareness - Trusting one’s impulses - Courage - Self-nurturance

Tendencies to leave behind: (Working to reduce the influence of these tendencies can help make life easier and more enjoyable)

- Debilitating selflessness - Being Mr. or Ms. Nice - Obsessive attachment to fairness and justice

You need to watch out for of a preoccupation with justice. What you really want is to experience happiness, harmony and support with one partner whom you love, but this feeling of completeness will never be achieved through another, because it must be achieved individually first. You are also someone who needs to do your own thing without being limited by the input of others. You are the leader, the innovator, the pioneer.

From past lives, you have the gift of being able to see the other person’s point of view and negotiate diplomatically to ensure fairness. You can use this innate ability to further your own success.

You have had many past lives of supporting others and you have a natural talent for it. You may have had past incarnations as a housewife, secretary, counselor or assistant. You were the person ‘behind the scenes’ who gave others energy and support. Although you were very giving in past lives you did had an ulterior motive; you were part of a team and if your partner did well, it also ensured your own survival. So you gave up paying attention to your own needs in order to devote full attention to your partner.

But your present incarnation is not set up to work this way. In the process of supporting others, you extinguished you own identity. Your destiny now is to get in touch with the strength and power of your own vibration. That is why every time you rely on a partner to come through for you without asking directly for help, you end up feeling disappointed. It’s time now to rediscover your self.

Healing Affirmations:

- “When I trust myself and follow my impulses, everyone wins.” - “Before I can support others, I have to learn how to nurture myself.” - “I can help others best by truly being myself.”

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