Oakland, CA Leo Artist & Jewelry Designer, Victoria Camp

Leo Artist, Victoria Camp, Robins Egg Bird Nest Ring. © 2010

New Moon in Leo August 9, 2010 8:08 pm pdt

Spotlight on Leo Artist: Victoria Camp Oakland, California Website: http://www.victoriacamp.com

As a Leo artist, there is one word behind my driving force - “create.” Simply put, it’s a vital part of my life and I find it impossible for me to ever stop, no matter what the job or environment I’m in. Leo’s are always finding a new art or craft to try, experimenting with different mediums and art forms and I am no exception! Currently I am attending a fashion design school by day and also working as a jewelry artist from my home. I am finding that my true passion lies within jewelry design, but it is unlikely that I would ever stop learning and taking classes.

One of my key motivators as a Leo is passion, and I feel my emotions very deeply. This passion has helped my artistic side by inspiring me to finish what I have started (or even try something new) and to not “settle” for something less than ideal. I also feel that anything is possible if you have the right attitude and I genuinely enjoy being my own boss and managing all aspects of my business.

I have come to recognize that Leo’s have a keen eye for visual design and composition. As an artist, it is important to me that my work environment be visually organized and decorated in such a manner that won’t prohibit my creativity. When I am designing a piece, the first thing that draws me to create is the color and then the texture of the medium I am working with. I love the smoothness of freshwater pearls, the cut edges of a faceted gemstone, the soft matte finish of a clay flower and not to mention the endless color possibilities while working with clay!

As a tactile Leo by nature, I find that I am always touching the garment and accessories I am wearing. I often create my designs with touchability in mind, including either a type of bead or pendant that feels

Leo Artist victoria camp

intriguing underneath my fingertips. It’s all about the details; I find comfort in creating pieces with tedious detailing and handwork and find immense satisfaction when it is completed.

Leo’s love of luxury has certainly not escaped me! I always work with the best materials I can find within my price point and am picky about the quality standards of my finished pieces. I also enjoy the challenge of taking something “ordinary” and turning it into something wonderful, beautiful, and wearable!