Unabashedly Feminine Virgo Artist, Ivy Long

Virgo Artist:  ATHALIE Necklace - Handmade Silver Lace, Pearls, Vintage Rhinestones by Ivy Long New Moon in Virgo September 8, 2010 3:30 am pdt Spotlight on Virgoan artist: Ivy Long Edera Jewelry Vermont, New England, USA

As a lace maker and jewelry designer, it is fascinating to me how closely my astrological sign, Virgo, corresponds with my creative calling. I am drawn to fine details, meticulous workmanship and love to create order from the chaos of beads and color choices. I have a Virgo’s love of history, so it is only natural that I would choose to work in a technique that has a long tradition such as handmade lace, although I apply it in a new way. I also find that I am constantly drawn to historical costuming and jewelry for inspiration.

We Virgos are known for our agile hands and I love to weave delicate and complex lace motifs with a tiny crochet hook from a spool of real metal thread, formerly used in Renaissance embroideries.

My designs have tiny stones and vintage beads interwoven into the lace, a technique that requires precision, planning and patience, all Virgo virtues.

All the beads must be strung in an exact sequence on the thread before any crocheting can begin.

Virgo Artist - Ivy Long

While I do love the challenge of creating a new lace pattern or developing a new technique, one of my favorite parts of designing is working with beautiful colors and beads with a preference for natural fibers and semi-precious stones — an unusual pairing with lace, but not so unusual for someone who is an earth sign.

Another recurrent theme in my work is floral motifs, which again alludes to the earthiness of my sign, as well as the feminine aspects of Virgo -- the only sign represented as a female symbol. Perhaps that is why I am drawn to things that are unabashedly feminine, like lace and flowers and the color pink! Like many Virgos I do have a perfectionist streak, which can be an occasional stumbling block to creativity, but for the most part the natural tendencies of my sign really do contribute to my art in wonderful ways."