Holding the Balance

Balance. Acrylic & pastel on masonite, 48 x 48 inches. © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe Today as I paint, I hold the space for ambiguity.

Do you feel loved? ~ U2

I balance contrasts. Holding space Holding space For pain, for love, for battle, for beauty.

Making marks, makes me come alive. ~ Moi

Today Pluto returns to conjunct my Midheaven (astrologically speaking). This means that I am currently being tested in regards to my convictions and the work I am called to do.  I ask myself, "Is my career meeting my deepest, most profound needs as I figure out how best to serve others?" And yes, I did say 'serve others', I'm majorly Virgoan influenced so, ya baby - it's all about service!

Through painting, meditating, yoga, dance, music, being in nature, and close relationships I open my heart and I give back through my self, my readings, my art, my classes and my spirit in all I do. Is it enough? This is an ongoing, perhaps particularly Virgoan concern.

What I do want to manifest more of is: more income more love more offerings such as: a creativity class, eBooks, a paid forum site, a real-time women's moon circle and a chance to study at the Cuyamungue Institute in New Mexico.

I'm sure I've forgotten to mention loads of stuff in that last list, so please forgive me!

When Pluto conjuncts the Midheaven it's all about career and one's place in society along with a soul-deep examination of what that means.  And truly, I put my entire heart and soul and every ounce, every pore and every cell into all that I do and really, what more is there?

What I really enjoy doing is offering you, my reader and my soul reading clients and eClass students, real life, practical action tips and tools to help you blossom, share and manifest your gifts, talents, wishes and dreams so that your beautiful soul shines through in all you do.

Currently my soul readings are on hold until my brand new site is released, so have patience dear readers, it will be any day now, I promise!