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Libra Artist Michelle New Moon in Libra October 7, 2010 11:44 am pdt

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1. How does you zodiac sign influence your life and your creativity?

Libra, ruled by Venus is a very creative sign – we love pretty things! I have quite a few planets in Libra apart from the Sun … Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Mercury – so I guess you could say I’m a bit over-loaded! Consequently, I’m the sort of person who needs to do something creative every single day.

Despite all these planets in Libra, most people don’t pick me for a Libran … I project my Ascendant (Gemini) and my Moon (Aquarius) most of the time. But I think it’s my Libran nature that inspires me to quiet my mind and let the ideas come to me.

Astrology Needlepoint Kit by Michelle

2. What do you like best about your sign and least?

What I like the best about Libra is balance … something I haven’t quite figured out yet! I’m very much an all-or-nothing person, so I’m still learning the peace, harmony and balance of my Sun sign. I see Libra as being very calm – another quality that I’m aspiring to!

On the negative side, Libra can sometimes lack confidence … it’s very hard being confident as an artist because art is so subjective! This is something again, that I’m learning as I get older – you have to put your work out there and not expect everyone to love it.

3. How has being a Libran helped you become a better artist?

I’ve never really thought about this until recently … I’ve always thought it was other areas in my chart that drove my creativity, for example Saturn in Cancer and MC in Pisces. But now I’m aware that, as well as being a creative sign, Libra is also about seeing things from another person’s point of view. In the past I created designs that were completely self-indulgent – I was selling a few, but I really needed to stop digging my heels in and look at what my potential customers would like. I feel I’m starting to do this now. Also, I was given some spiritual advice last year that I had to ‘come out from behind my needlepoint frame’ and promote myself as well as my work. This is something I’m trying to do too, since the art and the artist can’t really be separated.

Isis Needlepoint Kit by Michelle

4. What kind of creative activities are best suited to your zodiac sign?

Traditionally Libra/Venus is associated with arts such as theatre, fashion and music. But personally I think Libra rules all forms of creativity and self expression – as does Cancer and Pisces. I personally enjoy working with wool and I think this may be because I’m lacking in earth signs in my chart – this provides some balance in my life. I tend to have an ideas-oriented personality so working with wool is very grounding.

5. What advice do you have for other Librans who are just starting to explore and develop their creativity?

Stop talking about it and just DO it! There are a lot of people who are armchair artists, but not many who actually create every day. Talent means nothing if you don’t practice … so don’t waste time wondering if you’re good enough – seriously, it doesn’t matter. The joy that creating art brings you is more important!

Moon Phases Needlepoint PDF Pattern by Michelle

Michelle's Bio

I’ve always wanted to be an artist since I was young but it took me a while to find my perfect medium - wool! I’ve been designing needlepoint kits since around 2000, and haven’t stopped. I started Threefold Designs in 2003, launched my website and have recently started an Etsy store for more exposure. I am also in my first year of studying woven tapestry. When I’m not stitching I co-host a goth/darkwave radio show called Shadowplay