Aging with Courage: Crone Moon Musings

harold and maude Waning Half Moon in Sagittarius February 24 ~ 3:26 pm pst

This is the first ever Crone Moon Musing/Meditation that I'm writing/channeling/dreaming/musing upon in honour of Mama Moon's waning moon cycle so I hope you can join the conversation plus  share you own musings in my Circle of Soul SiStars; membership is free and open to all women everywhere.

In this day and age, how do we as women age with courage, pride, sensuality and authenticity intact without selling out to fakery; botox, plastic surgery, nips and tucks?

As a culture we are obsessed with youthful beauty, especially for women.

Who are our aging models, our heroes? Not just women aging gracefully, but courageously. Nominations Please!

Margaret Atwood

I nominate Margaret Atwood for her intelligence, biting wit, lovely wrinkles and wild hair.

Margaret Atwood: born 1939, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I also nominate Maude from the movie Harold & Maude (see photo above) for her feistiness in sticking up for what she believes in, plus I wanna caboose just like hers when I'm 79 :)

Maude is played by Ruth Gordon: born Oct. 30, 1896 in Wollaston, Massachusetts, USA.

In summing up the current Moon Month, we as a Circle have focused upon:

New Moon: Building abundance and identifying our strengths (using the VIA and StrengthsFinder tests.)

Full Moon: Spiraling open to love.

Crone Moon: Aging with pride; flaunting our wrinkles.

What is your #1 Strength? What have you learned about yourself this month and how are you sharing your strengths with the world?

For me: My strength is starting conversations, and asking the hard questions that need to be asked. I find strength in Soul SiStar Power; knowing we are all in this together.

Sheela na Gig

More about the Waning Moon ~ How to tell if the Moon is waning

* Moon on the right, getting bigger every night (waxing). * When the moon is waning, it is fading to the left until there’s no moon remaining. * DOC: waxing moon forms a "D" and the waning moon forms a "C" * Important Note: If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, this process is reversed.

A Waning Moon means the Moon is decreasing in size, moving from the Full Moon towards the New Moon. This lasts about 14 days and is a time of release, breaking bad habits and endings. It is a time of deep intuition and a time for divination.

The Waning Moon represents the Goddess in her Crone Aspect and we honour Hecate, Morrigan, Baba Yaga, Sheila na Gig, Sibyl or one of the other Crone Goddesses at this time.

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