Museletter: Abundance, Prosperity and Strength (Leo Full Moon Shared Focus Meditation)

This is the FIRST ever Full Moon Shared Focus Meditation I'm hosting and I'm so thrilled to be sharing it with you, my blog readers and my Creative Soul Circle (read more at the bottom of this post). The intent of the Shared Focus Meditation is to bring ALL of us together at a specific moment in time (at the Full Moon) so we can connect, focus upon the Meditation below, and then energetically and spiritually raise power, to walk the talk and BE the change we seek in the world. So, to begin I'd like you to look back at the previous New Moon in Aquarius on Jan. 2nd at the  intentions you set for the month ahead. In our previous New Moon Meditation we focused on identifying our strengths to develop an abundant mind set. Discussions ensued in the Circle with awesome input from Kate Walsh, financial planner who specializes in assisting women in developing Prosperity Thinking.

  • How have your New Moon seeds sprouted and flowered?
  • Have you identified your strengths and put them to work to allow abundance and prosperity to flow freely?

Janine. Watercolor on paper, 8 x 10 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

Leo Full Moon Shared Focus Meditation February  18, 2011 12:36 am pst Synch your watches here.

As I begin this Shared Focus Meditation I sense impatience in the air, alive and energetic, egging me on: GET TO IT, GET ON WITH IT, OPEN YOUR EYES W*I*D*E and so I get right to it and pull a Creative Soul Card®  (to the left) and then I stop and allow the silence to penetrate my soul and I hear angels (blue) and frogs singing.

Creative Soul Affirmation: The more LOVE I allow into my life the more abundant I become ~ the spiral grows and flows infinitely.

Creative Soul Action: Take a few moments to envision that spiral of love and abundance flowing in and out, in and out, like the tides, so that each breath you take forms an ever growing spiral. Breathe in to this spiral IN, OUT...IN, OUT as you connect with your breath and become fully present in your body.

Creative Soul Practice: Spend at least two minutes every day for one week's time practicing the Creative Soul Action above, and remember ~ Power in numbers, SiStars!

Creative Soul Accountability Success Marker: At the end of one week report back to the Creative Soul Circle Shared Focus Meditation Group thread started for the Leo Full Moon to share what happened for you during the week. What changed? What didn't? What synchronicities occurred?

Creative Soul Challenge: If you cannot seem to find the time for a two minute (minimum) daily meditation, then why not? Write about it in your Moon Musing/Creative Soul Journal and then discuss it in our Circle thread so we can comment, offer support AND kick your butt (or bum)!

Creative Soul Request: Janine asks each one of you to envision our Circle and yourself growing in love, strength and abundance with each breath you take, because today each one of us is a winner at heart.

Janine's Song *click to enlarge*

Janine's Song. © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe

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If you'd like to join the Creative Soul Circle, it will be open to ALL women everywhere for FREE at the Spring Equinox (mid March) but in the meantime all my previous clients and students are welcome to test-grow the Circle in preparation for the big day. Also, if you sign up for my Creative Soul Museletter before the upcoming Full Moon on Feb. 18th and email me that you'd like to join the Circle, I'm letting in a few early birds.

Power in numbers Soul SiStars!