The Circle Expands

Capricorn Goddess. Watercolor on board, 8 x 10 inches © 2010 by Kathy Crabbe. It's Spring Equinox and I've done it; expanded the Creative Soul Circle to include all sorts of wonderful goodies for my Soul SiStars wanting MORE!!! More juicy content such as the brand new Moon Musing Playsheets created exclusively for Circle members, plus you can now partake in my Awaken Your Divine Feminine Soul eClass in the Circle (75. for a one month class) and receive your own personal moon chart which will help you resonate even more with Mama Moon each month.

I've got channeled Moon Musings written and dreamed by me every new moon chock-full of helpful and challenging actions, creative soul oracle guidance and affirmations to keep you on track and inspired.

Plus we've got Special Guest Q & A's beginning with astrologer Chad Woodward in April and then in May we've got Emily Trinkaus, two astrologers who have been regularly featured here on my site and much more.

If you've got a business or service you'd like to promote, then my Circle offers you a chance to be featured on my blog and in the Q & A discussion thread, so we can all get to you know you better.

And so you may ask, why am I offering all these goodies for such a reasonable price...well, it's just how things work out...I started out blogging in tune with mama moon, and after two years of offering you my moon musings, I've decided it's time to share them within a private group that can really dig into them deeply within a safe space.

My eClass just fit in so perfectly with all this, that I had to offer it too, because everything in the Circle is connected and builds upon everything else, so once you've had a small taste of moon musing, many of you wanted much more...more connection, more challenges, more quiet space without a lot of chatter or time wasting - we get right down to it every new moon.

So, there you have it and so the journey begins...and I hope you can join with me on March 19, 2011 for a Full Moon in Virgo Shared Focus Meditation so that we can come together as a virtual meditation group at the exact moment of the Full Moon to dream our dreams, and watch as our seeds of intention planted at the new moon start to flower and fruit PLUS let's not forget the Spring Equinox ...when the entire year truly begins anew...are you ready?

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Kathy Crabbe is an artist, writer and Creative Soul Guide. In 2011 she was inspired to start a Creative Soul Circle so that women around the world could find solace, support and in-depth, honest conversation with like-minded spiritual, creative women within a safe, supportive online social network and support group.

Creative Soul Circle Manifesto: To provide community, programs and support for women who want to live free, walk the talk, and be the change they seek in the world.

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