Museletter: Open Your Magical Eyes ~ Aries New Moon

New Moon in AriesMarch 30 ~ 7:32 am pdt

Everything that flows moves in rhythm with the Moon. When Mama Moon is new it's time to plant your seeds of intention for the month ahead.

Acrylic & charcoal on masonite. 48 x 48 inches. © 2011 by Kathy Crabbe


Moon in Aries: get ready to:

  • get motivated
  • awaken your creative urges
  • get physical
  • react quickly to emotions, attitudes, desires
  • try new approaches and discover new outlets
  • be open to new adventures

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Through my role as messenger here in the Circle, I commit to bringing divinely inspired, channeled and dreamed Moon Musings and Shared Focus Meditations every New, Full and occasional Crone Moon along with kickbutt exercises and creative prompts to keep you on track and aligned with your dreams, plus provide you with a private, intimate space to commune with other SiStars of like-mind, and of course I will be offering you many more delightful goodies as well.

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New Moon in Aries & Mercury Retrograde by Chad Woodward *this month's special guest in the Circle

The energy that is now being cultivated provides us the opportunity to bring full balance, full equilibrium, within the psyche by the balance of our inner Adam and Eve. These two seemingly opposite archetypes, are nonetheless, the reflection of each other, and the mind is incomplete without them in union. This requires the recognition that one is not solely male or female, but rather, a balance of both.

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Mar. 30 - Apr.23

Mercury retrograde is a natural revision time, a time where we look back and reconsider things from a different perspective. With the symbolism of Aries, and Jupiter, it seems this is providing us an expanded perception of ourselves, our self interests, and our true agendas, collectively and personally. This is a time to have your mind wide open to incoming feedback and messages, as they will have a profound effect on your consciousness. Now is not the time for defensiveness and resistance, but rather, to utilize a receptive and open demeanor, willing to listen and absorb. This is the perfect time to reconsider your current direction, where you are headed, and what possible stumbling blocks you may encounter. Read more here.