Holidaying with a Mouse Headed Octopus Person

Yes, you heard it right...a 'mouse headed octopus person'!  Hmmm....was my Xmas strange or what?  Actually I had a very nice holiday which I spent with my husband's family at the beach. Lovely weather, good eats and palm trees; can't complain.  Anyway, when I got back home later that night I had to break out my sketchbook and coloured pencils to draw this wee impish 'thing' - whatever it is, it's cute. Enjoy! fantasy creature octopus by Kathy Crabbe

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Creative Soul Guides help us enter into other realms; realms where inspiration, quirkiness, love, and being different are okay.

Kathy Crabbe painted the Creative Soul Guides with her non-dominant left hand. This awakened Kathy’s intuition and she started giving Creative Soul Readings using a deck of 88 cards.

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