Libra New Moon: Saying Goodbye to Social Media

It's Autumn and things are slowing down in Nature as am I. I let go of social media this month after a visit home to Ontario, Canada where I let the deep lake water wash over me as I floated, floated, floated. Watched the beavers and the otter play, and the blue heron and loon swim and fly and utter their gorgeous (the loon) and weird (heron) songs.

During my time away I realized that whenever I shared anything on my phone or on the internet it felt like WORK, a huge amount of work. Posting/sharing/chatting/responding to everything and everyone on Facebook Instagram, texts, emails. So I shut it all down. I stopped looking at it (except when sales came thru, of course). I honestly felt like a hollow shell; I had nothing left to give.

So now, I give you this, just this: my museletter and this blog. That's all. It will be enough. I feel myself going back in time to BEFORE; before the internet was on my phone and the incessant, undending chatter took precedence. I have myself back.

I want our time together to be magic, a respite. So mote it be.

In that spirit I share with you my latest painting from the Faerieality Series. May she delight you in sparkly, unseen, magickal, trixsy ways. That is all. Just enjoy.

If you feel like she must be yours there is a link below.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe

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"Birch Fairy", 6x6 inches, acrylic gouache and collage on paper mounted to board.

"Like many fairies, the birch fairy can open the portals to the subtle realms. The birch is associated with cleansing and freshness, and the goddess Arianrhod is invoked using birch, to attract fertility and aid creativity." (The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey)

If you click the link below i invite you to spot a wee blue throated gecko peering to the left on the piece of wood behind Birch Fairy.


About Kathy Crabbe

Artist, writer, teacher and soul guide, Kathy Crabbe invokes faerie goddess spirituality to heal, make whole and holy. She is Mother of the Lefty Oracle and Elfin Ally Oracle decks. She’s also sort of ambidextrous. Her work has appeared in We’Moon Datebook, Sage Woman Magazine, Sawdust Art Festival and the Women’s Museum of California. Kathy writes a moon column for Witches and Pagans and is a mentor at Wise Woman University where she teaches a Divine Feminine eClass.

Sparkly Blessings!
Kathy Crabbe

My Watercolor Trois Soeurs Appears in the NZ 2016 Moon Calendar

My painting "Trois Soeurs" (Three Sisters) appears in the 2016 Moon Calendar along with 5 other paintings. I also have several other paintings featured in the 2015 Calendar - woohoo!

This is a New Zealand publication by the Creative Cronies, 2 of whom (Arafelle & Minerva) live on cooperatively owned land in the far North and offer astrological services, the 3rd, Robyn administrates and distributes the calendar and is celebrating their 35th year of production.

In their own words: "We feel it is a gift from the Goddess and our privilege to have an avenue to present some understanding and astrological guidance in these tumultuous and transformative times. For us, important anchors now are our friends, our families and our communities. Art, music and meditation are our soul food, helping us to experience the new energies coming in and to evolve new ways of being".

Purchase Trois Soeurs Original here.

Star Child & Kitty paintings in progress plus a Raskog!

Here are 2 new pieces I just completed.  My medium is acrylic on pine board and I'm testing out some new synthetic brushes I just bought from Laguna Art Supply plus check out my new rolling cart (Raskog) from Ikea... in turquoise! preparing pine board for painting

Raskog cart from Ikea

Kitty and Kitty painting

Star Child & Kitty painting

Paintings can be purchased in my shop at

ABOUT KATHY CRABBE I am a Canadian born self taught intuitive artist currently living in the desert valley of Southern California where I'm surrounded by ancient oaks and an elfin forest. I live in a home created by my husband that we share with our cat and dog, Spartacus & Abby. Gnomes, aliens and fairies have been spotted here. I’ve been drawing since age two and giving intuitive soul readings since 2008.