My Watercolor Trois Soeurs Appears in the NZ 2016 Moon Calendar

My painting "Trois Soeurs" (Three Sisters) appears in the 2016 Moon Calendar along with 5 other paintings. I also have several other paintings featured in the 2015 Calendar - woohoo!

This is a New Zealand publication by the Creative Cronies, 2 of whom (Arafelle & Minerva) live on cooperatively owned land in the far North and offer astrological services, the 3rd, Robyn administrates and distributes the calendar and is celebrating their 35th year of production.

In their own words: "We feel it is a gift from the Goddess and our privilege to have an avenue to present some understanding and astrological guidance in these tumultuous and transformative times. For us, important anchors now are our friends, our families and our communities. Art, music and meditation are our soul food, helping us to experience the new energies coming in and to evolve new ways of being".

Purchase Trois Soeurs Original here.