Spirit Birds

Whimsical elegant Bird Painting in gouache by Kathy Crabbe I'm hearing the words 'Great Spirit' a lot these days as I randomly choose words from my books to collage into my Lefty paintings. I'm also very conscious of not littering the blogosphere with junk; mindless drivel, pap, chatter. Pared down simplicity rules my words and my art these days. I constantly question whether I'm just talking for the sake of talking or if I actually have something to say. Perhaps a bit of both right now ;)

So, I turn back to Return of the Bird Tribes (today's book) to see what else Ken Carey, the author has to say about "Great Spirit" and randomly choose this:

Even in the worst of tempests and storms -- storms that have crashed armadas, sunk galleons and seen angry warriors perish beneath their fury -- ever the birds have floated undisturbed, above the wreckage, above the turbulence, above the waves, gentle, serene.

That describes to a T how I feel when I sit down to paint my Leftys.  Especially in today's crazy world we need that feeling of gentle serenity. I do hope these Lefty paintings inspire that in you too. Blessed Be.

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