March's Cat

Kathy Crabbe, March’s Cat, 2004, silk dyes on silk, 8x10”. Happy March! The black cat painting above is called March's Cat and was inspired by a wild kitty who adopted me on the last night of a two month long art festival in Laguna Beach. One of my fellow exhibitors was carrying him in her arms after capturing him in a trap on the Sawdust Art Festival grounds. Luis aka 'Pin' grew up to be a shy, slightly clumsy, but still wild black cat that we lost eventually to the coyotes, but I think that's how he would have wanted it.

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Silk ties by Kathy Crabbe inspired by Luis the cat

ABOUT LULU IN LAGUNA PAINTINGS LuLu in Laguna Originals are painted with silk dyes and watercolors by artist, Kathy Crabbe. She was inspired by living in mermaidalicious Laguna Beach, California for 8 years where she spent her time frolicking with red-headed mermaids, water-dogs, garden cats and artists as well as exhibiting her art every summer at the Sawdust Art Festival. Kathy's fairies were inspired by spending time in nature amongst wildflowers, ancient oaks and elfin forests in Southern California's inland valleys.

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ABOUT KATHY CRABBE Kathy Crabbe is an internationally recognized artist and Creative Soul Guide who explores universal and timeless themes such as spirituality, healing, humor and love through her work.

Kathy's art and guidance radiates healing energy that connects us with our soul’s essence; like meditation it guides us toward the infinite source of love and wisdom that we each hold within.