Follow Your Heart: Full Moon in Cancer

Moon Girl by Kathy Crabbe It's the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 4th along with the New Year, but I am not setting intentions O Moon,

I am allowing myself instead to sink into Your arms to be held and rocked and bathed in Your beauty as I paint You. Capturing instead nothing more than Your shine which rubs off on me Threefold as I pray to dance Your song for ALL my days.

Carolee by Kathy Crabbe

Creative Soul Challenge for the Full Moon in Cancer: Carolee

What is coming to fruition for you right now? I invite all of you to welcome in the New Year by bringing your presence magically alive and more fully into your self and your life...nothing fancy, just an awareness that you too are God/dess.

For me, I'm being, just being...present. Following my heart and letting go, trusting in God/dess and my community; yes, it does exist! Following the paint & guided intuitively. Love is ALL. In this darkness, a spark grows.

Creative Soul Body Challenge

Photograph yourself making a "V" for ___________________ (fill in the blank). As you are making that "V" focus your attention upon all that you've created over the past year. Then journal, discuss, celebrate!

V Pose by Kathy Crabbe

For me:

  • Began studying Celtic Faerie Shamanism with Francesca De Grandis
  • Started leading Moon Circles and classes in person plus started Toastmasters
  • Started driving to new age shops and schools for interviews and became an in-store psychic reader at Gypsy Luv and a teacher at a yoga studio, a local college and an art studio
  • Created my Moon Goddess theme and banner to represent all that I do - it's all connected now!
  • Started business art marketing sessions with Marisa of Creative Thursday which helped get my Lefty deck off the ground and my classes, circles

Full Moon Raffle! Please post your "V" photo online along with your 2014 accomplishments then link back to this blog post. Make sure to comment below with your link or just shoot me an email with your link. One lucky winner will be chosen at the upcoming New Moon and will be gifted with a Three Month Astrological Timeline Report (12 page pdf), a Natal Chart Wheel pdf and a Goddess Zodiac Greeting Card of your choice along with a Creative Soul Bookmark (via snail mail).

Cancer Full Moon Altar Suggestions (from my Zodiac Goddess Playbook)

  • Mode: cardinal
  • Element: water
  • Color: iridescent, silvery blue, smoky grey, white
  • Gemstone: moonstone, pearl
  • Plant/Tree: trees rich in sap, maple, water lily, white flowers, wild rose
  • Herb/Spice: hyssop, saxifrage, tarragon, verbena
  • Food: cabbage, cucumber, milk, turnip
  • Animal Spirit: bee, crab
  • Tarot Card: chariot
  • Goddess: Circe, Isis, Mama Cocha, Tien Hou

Pearl's SongPearls Goddess of the Moon Bow down, Bow down, Bow down I worship at Your toes for Goddess knows. My soul is sweet She sings in tune for You, for You. Blessed Be.

Fire-Ice Fairy in progress by Kathy Crabbe

Calling all Goddesses! If you’re in Temecula on January 16 or San Diego on January 17 we’ll be ringing in the New Year and setting intentions for the New Moon in Aquarius during our first Moon Circle of the year: expect creative soul challenges, guided meditations, moon collaging and more. Learn more here or rsvp at my Moon Circles Meetup.

Coming soon, online Divine Feminine classes at Susun Weed's Wise Woman University.

Moon Goddess Paintings ~ follow along on my blog as I paint Moon Goddesses, fairies and mermaids including the painting on the left which was inspired by the recent snow in Temecula (which is a desert valley in Southern California!) You can purchase my paintings here on Etsy.

About Kathy Crabbe Kathy Crabbe inspires soul-seekers to discover their innate gifts and talents through intuitive, creative expression in safe, relaxed and playful environments. She has been an artist forever and a Creative Soul Guide since awakening her own intuitive gifts at age forty. She channels New & Full Moon readings every month on her blog at