NOW She Could Sing: A Princess and a Frog - a Painting Analyzed

Grateful. As I painted her face a frog appeared in my mind and a combination bullfrog and tree frog appeared on the page. Surrounded by FIRE energy; passion, creativity, love symbolized by the color orange and the rays of a sun or a sunflower extending out from the frog. In her heart was rain and sorrow and tears; both sadness and release as symbolized by the giant teardrop in the left corner. The two energies and colors: cool (blues) and warms (reds) melded together to form her striped shirt and she was complete. NOW, she could move forward. NOW she could sing.

365 Days of Paint + Writing

On Nov. 1, 2016 I began a project to make a painting and to write about it and post it on my blog and/or Instagram for 365 days WOW! This painting is no. 3 from that project.