Lefty Spotlight on Free Spirit Janene

Lefty Spotlight on Free Spirit Janene

Janene Christman

I made a new friend on Facebook the other day and her name is Janene. She told me that my lefty art had popped up on her computer screen three times in one day – kismet! So we met and she told me she’d really keyed into the left handed aspect of my work. It inspired her to give it a try too and she loved it!

Janene had been struggling with some tough emotions and creative blocks along with the chaos of too much going on and was just now getting back into art-making. At age fifty, she was finally making time for herself and for her art. Janene had recently discovered zentangling and was drawing a lot of faces but was frustrated at her lack of perfection.

Janene has drawn her whole life; it was her main outlet when, as a child she endured many surgeries.. As she grew up she pretty much dropped art-making until having children. That’s when the urge to create really left her. She was creating a whole new kind of art now.

“Its time,” Janene said “to get back into art-making. What a gift, it was like I never realized I could use my left hand. It was like having a new toy. I’d been trying to open my mind in different ways to help myself out of a slight depression and get my true self back again and this helped!”

Non dominant hand drawing allowed Janene to slow down. She discovered that her frustration over being perfect stopped too. Here’s what Janene painted…wow! She hopes to give it another try soon and I sure hope she does too.

About Janene Christman: Janene is a positive minded, loving, free thinker whose never-ending pursuit of creative living has lead her into loads of chaotic messes and good times often ending in a much needed nap.

Janene's painting using her non dominant left hand