Taurus New Moon: Living Your Passion

Dear Intuitive Soul,

Do you know that feeling that says to you, ‘this is what I was MEANT to do; this is WHY I’m here on Earth’. Well, that’s the energy we are going to work with this month. Take some time at this New Moon to ask yourself what that means in YOUR life and sink into how that feels. If you’re truly brave, then photograph or paint/draw that feeling or a photo of you doing your passion and share it online with the hastage #livingmypassion.

Taurus New Moon Challenge

Taurus New Moon Challenge by Kathy Crabbe


Here’s my response to this month’s challenge; in this pic I’m channeling today’s blog post at my altar freshly decorated for the New Moon.

Lefty Oracle Card for the New Moon

Sadie secret frog frolicker by Kathy Crabbe

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Wanna be in the Lefty Spotlight?

Here’s how…it’s SIMPLE! Give non dominant hand drawing a try and let me know how it goes. Send me a photo of your drawing and your story plus a wee bio and a pic of you and I’ll feature you in the Lefty Spotlight.

Click here for this month’s Lefty Spotlight on Free Spirit Janene

“So, I’ve been in this major creative funk as of late~ after roaming around the internet I was inspired by Kathy Crabbe and her use of her non dominant hand Lefty Drawings. I sat down and gave it a try myself and wow! I never realized I could draw with my left hand too!!! The image below (see link above) I drew and painted myself with my left hand~ I sent Kathy a note of thanks for the inspiration and she chose to spotlight it in her blog! Thanks new friend for helping me out of that slump ~ hugs” ~ Janene

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I’m interviewed by The Essential Herbal Magazine

Molly: This interview was absolutely wonderful. I was able to sit in Mom’s kitchen on a warm sunny day and have a blast talking to Kathy about pretty much everything. As a natural lefty I find that my handwriting and drawing is already well, unique let’s say. I usually find myself cursing my hand or asking others if they can read my southpaw. Listening to Kathy discuss her lefty work, however, has given me more respect for my own appendages and makes me appreciate the work that I am able to accomplish with my seemingly wrong hand. Kathy has a wonderful way of seeing the possibilities as a whole and can create beautiful work based on nature and myth that is somehow playful and powerful all at once.

  1. How did you find confidence in your lefty artwork? Did you feel frustration when you started?

Kathy Crabbe began using her non-dominant hand almost twenty years ago when she felt artistically blocked. She had no idea it would have such a profound impact on her artwork but was thrilled to see the results. In the interview Kathy explained it helped her “slow down” and truly appreciate the creative process. She went on to explain that later on she learned that this is an art therapy technique called bi-lateral hand drawing that helps people slow down, calm themselves, and feel grounded.  Slowing down is a major challenge for this jump-on-in Aries Rising, but she found that by slowing down it, “helped balance everything out a little bit.”

Based upon Kathy’s experience using her left hand she was able to make an entire oracle deck based on her lefty characters that help people become more intuitive and work through issues. She says the most difficult part is actually printing with her left hand, but cannot deny the fact that this deck has helped others and herself.

Read the entire interview here.

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