Get Spiritual: Libra Moon Vibes Jan. 24-26

Mama Moon enters the Cardinal, Air sign of Libra on Jan. 24 at 8:02 pm Pacific Time until Jan. 26. Watch Mama Moon rise in the sky 1 hour later after sunset each night.

In this blog post I’ll be analyzing 8 Moon transits and 2 Planetary transits along with 4 Sabian Symbols for the Sun, Moon, North Node of the Moon and Chiron.

This is a FRUIT MOON-TIME. How are your New Moon Intentions bearing fruit?

So much energy swirling around now especially from that Super Full Blood Wolf Moon. So, time to focus, let those emotions roll right off you and get SPIRITUAL, whatever that means for you.

Call upon the Spirit Animal Energy of this Moon’s Elfin Ally Card for help and recognize that passion is high but that you can weather this storm with focus and get twice as much done as usual.

Libra Moon Spirit Animal: Dolphin “SoulSpeak”

Keyword: Divine
Meaning: Make the most of a beautiful opportunity coming your way.
Reversed: An opportunity to shine has passed you by.

SoulSpeak Dolphin - Libra Moon Elfin Ally Oracle by Kathy Crabbe

from The Elfin Ally Oracle Deck

by Kathy Crabbe
Available in Spring 2019

The original painting is SOLD out. Hand signed prints are available

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Kathy Crabbe at Santa Rosa Plateau, California

I believe in dreams, creativity AND inspiring my peeps to awaken intuition and joy, no matter what. As a practicing astrologer + artist for the past 26 years I’ve learned a thing or two and I’d love to share it all with you!

Creative tools such as my Daily Moon Vibes, Oracle Decks and Astrology Reports will help to awaken your intuition, which is essential for navigating these often crazy times.

About Daily Moon Vibes: Flow in tune with Mama Moon! Every 2-3 days Mama Moon cycles through all 12 signs of the zodiac so I tune in and share these insights and transits with you to help awaken and strengthen your intuition. I include affirmations and spirit animal medicine from my Elfin Ally Oracle Deck and Lefty Oracle Deck.

With Luv and Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe, (Jan. 23, 2019)
Photo Credit: Chad Woodward